“The international media have come and gone. The satellite is gone. The journalists are gone. The headlines have changed. But the situation hasn’t. Please don’t forget about Dadaab. Don’t forget about the thousands of children dying each day. Continue to tell the stories of the people you met here in Kenya. Continue to let people

Prestia, Guy

Guy Prestia was born April 26, 1922 in Pennsylvania.  The son of an Italian immigrant and a Pennsylvanian, he grew up alongside his siblings against the backdrop of the Great Depression. Guy recalls that his father worked hard, supporting the family during the economic downturn and then doing war work once the United States entered

Goldstein, Ronald

Ron Goldstein was born August 16, 1923 , in London, England.  His parents, looking to escape the anti-Semitism and lack of opportunity, had immigrated to England from Poland in the years before the Great War.  They went on to raise a large family, and Ron was the 10th in a family of 11.  Ron left

Smith, Tyler

Tyler Smith was born in Calgary, Alberta, a city that had a very deep tradition for the navy, in spite of its inland location.  One of the first steps he took in order to achieve his goal of joining the military was to join the sea cadets, a program that the navy sets up in

University of Toronto Model United Nations

From February 6-9, 2020, 19 intrepid CPC students braved the cold wind of a Toronto winter and put their diplomatic skills to the test as they took part in the University of Toronto Model United Nations.  Crestwood Preparatory College students took on the role of delegates representing an array of nations, from Bangladesh to Thailand,

McLoughlin, Barbara

Barbara McLoughlin was born July 1, 1920, in Devon, England, and she grew up in and around Teignmouth.  Her father immigrated to England from Italy at the turn of the century; he grew up to be a loyal Englishman, serving in the Great War.  He married an Englishwoman from Devon – Barbara’s mother – and

White, Rod

Rod White was born in Trenton, Ontario in 1925. Rod’s father died when he was only four, and some of his early memories are of his mother struggling to raise her seven children in difficult economic times. Rod was a sickly child, suffering from bouts of tuberculosis and jaundice; combined with wearing glasses from an

Swirski, Walter

Walter Swirski was born in Poland on May 7, 1922.  His family lived in a small village, where they were prosperous farmers; Walter’s father owned a share in a flour mill, and had been an officer in the Soviet-Polish war.  Walter had one brother and was going to school when the Second World War broke

Gower, Harry

Harry Gower was born in Toronto in 1922.  He grew up in the city’s west end, where he attended Western Tech.  With the death of his father and the coming of the Great Depression, Harry had to leave high school after one year, and he took a job at Eaton’s, where he operated the elevator

Jones, Robert “Bud”

Robert “Bud” Jones was born in the St-Henri District of Montreal, and educated in the school districts of St. Henri, Montreal and Verdun , Quebec. Bud Jones is a decorated career soldier of 30 yrs, and a veteran of WWII who also served in Korea. He grew up in Depression-era Montreal, where Bud remembers his

Hakuna Matada

Founder of Neema International, Canada and Crestwood School graduate, Ali Hanson, stopped by this morning to share a presentation with our student body about her work in Tanzania. She described in detail the daily routines of the two schools she runs (plans for a third) and how our contributions through our Crestwood Cares community service

Kenyan Boys Choir Performance

On Tuesday, Crestwood was treated to a return performance by the Kenyan Boys Choir.  The choir, made up of young men from high schools and universities across Kenya, provided an opportunity for members to develop their vocal skills as well as share their culture around the world.  We heard African-American spirituals, contemporary popular music, and

You’re Invited to the Kenyan Boys Choir Performance

On Tuesday, October 3rd, Crestwood will be hosting a return performance by the Kenyan Boys Choir.  The Choir, which also came to Crestwood in 2015, consists of an all-star group of singers gathered from high schools and universities across Kenya.  Their repertoire consists of traditional African music, African-American spirituals, Western classicism and contemporary music.  The


Anne-Marie Woods, aka Amani, is a Toronto performer who visited Crestwood for a Black History Month presentation in February 2017.  She entertained and educated students with her show Journey Into Me, a series of songs, raps and spoken word mixed in with her unique storytelling style. Journey Into Me is the story of how Black History

MP Yasmin Ratansi visits Crestwood

On Thursday, March 2, Crestwood students were privileged to meet MP Yasmin Ratansi, who represents the riding of Don Valley East.  Ms. Ratansi spoke with Crestwood students who will be visiting Tanzania over the March Break, where they will take part in a Me to We construction project.  Ms. Ratansi is a native of Tanzania,

Coming to Canada

The Grade 6 students are in the process of completing interviews with family members who were immigrants to Canada. The students were lucky enough to hear Mrs. Badler share a monologue about her immigrant story and her arrival to Canada from South Africa in 1996. She explained the challenges she experienced living under the apartheid

Clarke, George Elliott

George Elliott Clarke is a Canadian poet and playwright who is currently serving as the Canadian Parliamentary Poet Laureate.  His work largely explores the experience and history of the Black Canadian communities of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, creating a cultural geography that Clarke refers to as “Africadia”.  Of Afro-Metis origin, George is also researching that side

Crestwood is going to Tanzania!

Lions and Tigers and Maasai Warriors, oh my! Crestwood is excited to once again be partnering with the We organization (formally Me to We) to journey to Tanzania and bring an incredible travel, educational and service opportunity to our students. Following the success of our previous trips to Ecuador and Nicaragua, Crestwood is expanding our

Mahon, Albert

Albert Mahon was born into a large family in south London, England in 1923. He grew up in a working class neighbourhood, where school was not a top priority.  Instead Albert went to work, and much of his childhood and early years were spent working a variety of jobs, as well as helping with his

Cameron, Ray

Ray Cameron is a veteran of the Merchant Navy.  When the war came he was living in Lindsay, Ontario, where he had been on the farm and had worked on the Great Lakes as a seaman.  When Norway was pulled into the war, the Norwegian merchant marine made the decision to recruit in Canada, and

Fish, Lawrence

Lawrence Fish was born in Crowle, England in 1923. He was the eldest of four siblings. In school he went to seventh grade and then started to work in farming and driving trucks. Most of his childhood was spent working as well as helping with his siblings. In 1941, once he was old enough to enlist,

Jean Augustine Visits Crestwood

Crestwood’s YARRD/Me to We and Female Mentor Group clubs are very proud to have hosted Jean Augustine this past Thursday. Ms. Augustine was the first African Canadian woman to be elected to the Canadian Parliament (1993) and the first to serve in the federal Cabinet. She was Minister of State for multiculturalism (and the status of women)

Crestwood’s Family Tree

Did you know that Crestwood has an extended family? CPC has been fostering children through the Foster Parents Plan for twelve years. CPC is pleased to introduce three of the children who have benefited from the Foster Parents Plan. Gertrude Banda (pictured) is ten years old and lives in Zambia Africa, Jandry Tumbaco (pictured) is

Shontaler, Jim

Jim Shontaler was born in the Canadian west, growing up in the difficult days of the Great Depression.  As there were some family problems, Jim spent many of his early years in an orphanage.  With the war underway and with no firm direction before him, he joined up as soon as he was able, heading

Hoare, Edward

Edward “Ted” Hoare grew up against the backdrop of mid 1930s London. Ted received a scholarship to attend a uniform school, but he wasn’t able to attend due to a lack of financial resources. He eventually got a job and registered for the military at the age of fourteen, and he subsequently joined the Home

Bell, Walter

Walter Bell is the father of Mrs. Sue Brownlee, a Crestwood Staff member. As a member of Britain’s Royal Artillery in World War Two, Mr. Bell began training in England, before heading to Freetown, Sierra Leone to train African troops. He eventually took his trained troops and headed to Burma, where he fought for Britain

Fit for Festivals

The big day is fast approaching.  The Crestwood Junior Choir is working hard preparing for their upcoming performances at the Ontario Vocal Festival at Mayfield High School in Caledon and the Kiwanis Music Festival at Crescent School on Wednesday, February 25th, 2015.  We are performing an array of songs for these events which include the hit

Performance Festivals Upon Us

The big day is fast approaching.  The Crestwood Junior Choir is working hard preparing for their upcoming performances at the Ontario Vocal Festival at Mayfield High School in Caledon and the Kiwanis Music Festival at Crescent School on Wednesday, February 25th, 2015.  We are performing an array of songs for these events which include the

Multicultural Day

Every year during the first week of February, Grade 8 and 9 Geography students research a country from all different parts of the world.  The students learn about how this country and their people have helped to impact our Canadian society and how to make some of that country’s most delicious foods.  This year on