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Our classroom teachers have received brand new tablets for their classes.  With this exciting news, teachers are now able to further assist our students in the classroom by learning to better record the student process in learning.  These tablets will allow our teachers to capture vital evidence of student learning in the classrooms at CPC.  Technology at CPC is on the rise!

October 12th, 2018

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CSPA October Meeting 2018

A new initiative for used uniforms (ones that are ripped and unsellable at the sale). We can collect and donate to Value Village who will shred and sell them for auto body shops as rags (etc.) We can collect any textiles for this. – staff contact Ms. Patton


Dalia’s Dish

Pot Holes

Pot Holes were filled prior to the beginning of the school year but people are reporting there are still pot holes in the back lot

Dalia will investigate getting them filled again

Guest Speakers

Dalia strongly urges attendance especially the parenting session –       Ron Moresh – October 25, 2018

Dr. Alex Russell – November 8, 2018


Mrs. B Guest Speaker Update

Lee Davis (Yoga Therapist) will do a basic 15 min assessment to share with teachers  She will be assessing “tone” and function.

Yoga will commence in the Primary division in November. The Junior divison will follow.

Lee brought the mindful yoga; she is a Occupation Therapist and Neurosensory OT

Connection between the brain and body

Provide advice for “in the classrooms” to allow teachers to support student needs.

Results will be shared with parents

All students throughout Crestwood will receive a 8-week Sensory Yoga class

ACTION – List of classes receiving Yoga will be provided to Melanie


Patti Hektor Crestwood Cares

Crestwood Cares; is going to have a student community service committee (vs just the house heads). This will provide more leadership opportunities tfor students in Grade 5 and 6

Many teachers have volunteered to be involved

Dave Cooper put together a list of possible ideas

ACTION – CSPA to provide a list of possibilities too


The Community Service Committee will determine which charities Crestwood School will support.

We currently support three orphans in Tanzania

We support their education and wellbeing through fundraising “Be the Change”

Food drives off the holiday seasons

Warm clothing drives and holiday collections

Possible events for this year – Veterans Tea

ACTION – Request for the CSPA to fund it

Skip It

(Provide funds which otherwise would have spent on McDonalds etc)

Holiday Gift

We decided $150 per child which will cover both Winter Holiday gift and year end gift

We (CSPA) will provide a letter to be sent out to parents by the Grade Parents. Grade Parents will collect the funds from their parent community.



Dave said we will have the new uniforms for about October 20th (maybe as early as the 15th). He was waiting for the shipment of the textiles

We requested a long sleeve gym shirt AND for House Colour Shirts

Many parents were upset that all uniforms were not available for the beginning of the year

Especially for new parents/children who feel out of place ecause house shirts or uniforms were unavailable

Some of the ‘customer service’ we have enjoyed in the past has diminished; need to call him a number of times

NOTE – If there are issues please contact Grace or Dalia and they will contact Dave

Needs better planning for stock

ACTION – Melanie – Speak with Dave regarding better planning for having new uniform available when they are needed.

There is some uncertainty regarding what is permitted for after the Thanksgiving uniform switchover

We need to ensure some continuity for the community regarding seasonal uniform expectations

ACTION – Dalia to provide clarity to Melanie


Grade Parents

JK Yaz Hobooti

SK Somayeh Walton

1 Hayley Wine

2 Melanie Morel

3 Lorna Kyprianou

4 Hayley Wine

5 Julie Dergal/Elissa Gamus

6 Tama Sirkis


New program

Grade parents will contact their classes within the next two weeks as a greeting, then send over the request for money for teachers gifts


Used Uniform Sale


Donation Philanthropy

We earned $4,400

We had 26 bins of used clothes

After the sale we had only 11 bins left

Volunteers were super helpful – Thank you!


ACTION – For the May Sale we are going to work with Dave to have new stock there in addition to the used ones (ties etc.)


ACTION – Send off uniforms for donations. We have enough to cloth a whole school

Last year Lee paid for the transport for the clothes

we need to consider this cost for the donation this year


Ideas for locations

Native reserve in Canada (Ontario)

India (Lee sends donations to a specific school)

Connection to Kenya

We will decide on a firm location and transport costs soon


Hallowe’en Costume Protocol

Little kids get to use their costumes all day

Older students can wear costumes for half day after lunch

A letter will come home from the school with any costume restrictions for Hallowe’en

It is a hard day for teachers as the kids are super distracted and excited

Parents are not welcome to the Halloween event at school


Scholastic Book Fair (Allison, Hayley)

At the end of October (Oct 29-Nov1)

Each class get an email detailing their classes scheduled walk through and shoppig time


Class parents and Weekly Newsletters will request parent volunteers

Usually we are ok with volunteer numbers


Parking Protocol

The committee has some suggestions and Dalia will approve

Glendon’s right of way must always be maintained

Cones were put out and cars coming from Glendon were redirected around the building – we are not allowed to block the right of way from Gendon

Cones will no longer be there

People who know the correct way will continue but we cannot be everywhere

A one-way sign may be necessary for the road leading to the terminus of Lawrence

Out has the right of way (this is not a two way street)

Overall more signage is needed (Caution Children etc)

Reflective tape


Gala Update (Teresa)

Forming a committee very soon

Date for late October (before Halloween)

Looking for venues

Possible Thursday night event

Parents would rather not have to give up their weekend night time vs weekday

Information will be sent out in the future

May split people into sub-committees (Florals, auction)


Holiday Initiatives

Wrapping Paper

We cannot find a vendor for this as this is an easy sale

Purdy’s Chocolate

Received samples and info on their fundraisinging

25% profits


We have a school printer who can make the books

Tight timeline but possible

“Crestwood Family Favourites”

Sold for the holiday season

There are companies which do this

Money making initiatives
Holiday Baskets / Recipient/Organization

Last year St Felix and we are looking for something new…

Some groups sponsor families but you need to sign up soon


Holiday Shopping Party

Evening Shopping night, proceeds go to school

Held in the gym

Early stages of planning

Wine and Cheese

Parents can come and shop

Throw it out to the community to sign up as a vendor

We are not going to sell tickets

We are unsure if we will charge a vendor fees

We will get a % of profits

Unsure of dates (November) before other schools do theirs

Do it on a school night

CSPA has old binder with vendors (we had approx 25 in the past)


ACTION – Theresa – Need to select a date and lock in vendors

Possible Dates- November 19, 20 or 21st

Jessica will help organize this initiative



2019 Treasurer

PIzza Co-ordinator

You don’t need to be an accountant

All books on Quicken

We want to be able to train the person prior to year end


October 12th, 2018

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Grade 7

The Grade 7 class spent four days together in Halliburton up at Camp Timberlane.  It was an amazing adventure filled with several outdoor educational activities.  Students were able to participate in workshops such as fire building, shelter building, and personal strength building.  They also tested their physical strengths in activities such as the Leap of Faith, hiking, archery and canoeing.  It was a fantastic opportunity for all of our grade 7 students to get to know one another, build new friendships, bond as a class and create memories that will last a lifetime.



Grade 9

In the first week of October, the Grade 9 class ventured to beautiful Algonquin Park, where they embarked on a 3 day and 2 night camping trip.  For many students (and teachers!) this would be the first time they had ever canoed, slept in a tent, or made food over a campfire.

Our instructors at ALIVE Outdoors made us feel welcomed right as we stepped off the bus.  As we enjoyed the beautiful buildings and nature at Camp Arowhon, we learned how to properly paddle a canoe, how to pack to ensure nothing would get wet, what to do in the case of an emergency, and how to set up tents. That night, the students sat around a large campfire, and spoke excitedly of the camping trip that would begin early the next day.
The students were broken into twelve small groups, giving them the opportunity to spend time with people that they might not normally get to. Without cell phone reception and other technology, students could focus on connecting with nature. The trees were absolutely stunning as they began to change colour, and many of us saw loons, chipmunks, birds, and even moose!
Students who wish to earn their Duke of Edinburgh Award must partake in a camping experience. Our students canoed, portaged, made fire, cooked, cleaned, and slept outside in tents, with the ALIVE instructors only guiding them. The Grade 9s really stepped up and helped one another, to ensure their camping experience was a success.
Although everyone was excited to get back to the city, this was an amazing experience that no one will soon forget!



October 12th, 2018

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Anxiety disorders among children are on the rise: more medications are being prescribed, new disorders are appearing and children are struggling to take on the world around them. Taking a health perspective, Dr. Russell will help us understand how to shift the burden or responsibility to children, something that helps them take on anxiety.

Returning to the Crestwood Community for an evening of thought provoking discussion on how to best help kids thrive in anxious times. Come ready to learn common sense strategies to help children navigate ‘That Big Bad World’.


Date: Thursday, October 25th, 2018

Time: 7:30 p.m.

Place: Crestwood Lower School


Kindly RSVP to Grace by October 18th, 2018


Friends welcome!

October 12th, 2018

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The CPC Senior Boys’ Soccer team played its first home game of the season Wednesday afternoon and they made it a memorable one.  They defeated the traveling Crescent team 6-3. Michael DiBattista notched his very first hat trick in the win. Other goal scorers Jonas Weissland, and Samuel Li who was effective in his role as both a centre attacking and central defending midfielder. Other honourable mentions go to the entire defensive line anchored by Noah Lerner, Amir Rafati, and Rhys Malisch.  Go lions go!

Thursday night the Senior Boys’ Soccer team played away against Bayview Glen. The first 20 minutes were very even and neither team was able to threaten the goal, with Bayview limited to several speculative efforts.  As the half progressed Bayview Glen scored 3 quick goals to take control of the game. However, a well worked free kick between Ege Kuseybat and Dustin Silverberg resulted in Rhys Malisch scoring from close range to reduce the deficit to 3-1 at the half.  With the game close at the half, Crestwood came out determined to fight for the win. The boys created a few chances but were unable to take them, whilst at the other end, Bayview with the help of a freak goal were able to extend their lead and eventually complete a 5-1 victory. Come and support our boys as they face TFS on Monday.



The U14 Boys’ Soccer team continued their season Monday night against The York School. Crestwood got off to lightning start, with Pharaoh Wendt scoring inside 30 seconds. However, York school began to show more composure and began to dominate the game as the half progressed, and scored several times in a 10 minute burst. At the half, Crestwood trailed 6-1. A spirited fightback in the second half was capped off by a second goal for Pharaoh Wendt. Unfortunately the team was unable to continue applying pressure and the final score was 7-2 to The York School. The whole team had a great second half, but special mention to Pharaoh Wendt, Kyle Little, and Jack Wu for excellent performances throughout.

The U14 Boys’ Soccer team completed their 4th game of the season Wednesday night away to Greenwood College. It was a close match throughout and despite having the better first half, Crestwood was unable to create any real chances at goal. The score at the half was 0-0. Greenwood came out strong in the second half and some very good saves by goalkeeper Patrick Shain kept the game scoreless. The game remained close, and both teams had chances to win the game. However the game would finish 0-0, thanks in large to Jack Wu with some excellent defending and Patrick Shain with some very brave goalkeeping. The U14 boys wrap up their season on Monday at home against Crescent. Come and show your support.

The Junior Boys’ Soccer team battled Trinity College School Tuesday. TCS came out strong taking a commanding 3 goal lead, but Crestwood battled back winning the second half based on shutdown defence from Matthew Rocha and Nasso Colivaras.  Incredible saves from Tim Kufner, including a penalty shot, and creative offensive play from Matteo Khan and Matthew Nelson. Alex Korda scored a beautiful goal, but unfortunately, it was not enough to overcome TCS. Great determination and heart battling back and winning the second half 1-0.


The U14 Girls’ Basketball team played an excellent game last night beating BVG 53-23.  It was a team effort and all girls contributed offensively and defensively.  Taija Sta. Marie led the way offensively never missing a layup, and everyone followed with points on the scoreboard.  Our next game is Monday after school at SMLS.

Wednesday night the Junior Lady Lions’ Basketball team took on De La Salle in their home opener and did not disappoint.  Jumping out to a quick lead, the Junior Lady Lions cruised to a 55-18 win!  Great play by all on both sides of the ball, with shout-outs going to Latasha Lattimore who was the games leading scorer, to Ella Lee-O’Rourke, Parmis Shameli and Helen Liu for scoring their first points of the season, and to the rest of the team for their hustle on the court and their leadership on the bench.  Keep up the good work!



Over the Thanksgiving weekend, our Senior Prep Girls participated in the Shoot For A Cure Showcase.  Going into the game Crestwood was ranked #2 in the country and was taking on #1 St. Laurent out of Quebec.  It was a back and forth game until the fourth quarter when the Lions pulled away.  The Lions were led by the stellar play of Shayeann Day-Wilson, Aaliyah Edwards, Latasha Lattimore, and Kayla Drummond who was named game MVP.   The final score was 83-65 which now places Crestwood as the #1 ranked girls program in the country!

Wednesday our Senior Girls’ Basketball team travelled to De La Salle looking to continue their dominance throughout CISAA play.  After getting off to a slow start, the girls picked up their energy which blew the game wide open.  This was largely due to the sharp shooting of Jadaia Reid.  Final score was Crestwood 73 – De La Salle 41.

Cross Country

Ella Rival, Kyra Grossman, Matthew Laslop, Will Dennison and  Will Magan ran a tough course at the Boyd Conservation Center Monday. Special shout-out goes to Kyra for placing 9th place for junior girls! Incredible job everyone!


Congratulations to the U14 Cross Country team, who travelled to Norval for a race on Thursday. Everyone ran well. Special mention to Alex Norman for placing 5th in his race followed by Bradley Norman in 6th place.  Congratulations to the whole team!



Thursday, the Junior Boys’ Volleyball team had a very back-and-forth game against Bayview Glen. After losing a set, then winning, then losing another set, and winning again, CPC succumbed in the last set with a very close of score of 13-15. There was great serving from the team, specifically Zach Graf, Jay Lu, and Hayden John.

October 12th, 2018

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The Crestwood Cross Country Team participated in a meet hosted by UCC at the Norval Outdoor Education Center in Halton Hills on Thursday.  Our runners were faced with a challenging course through the leaf-covered trails in the forest.  All of the Crestwood athletes paced their run to came through the finish line successfully.  Congratulations to our 11 participants:  Johnny, Sophie, Tyler, Daniel, Tate, Cooper, Thato, Sanad, Bonolo, Natasha, and Davis.  Cross Country Team keep training to get ready for our last qualifying meet next week at Crescent School.
-Coach Georgiou

October 12th, 2018

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Next year’s destination for the Crestwood March Break trip is Udaipur, India. Our partner organization, as usual, is MeToWe; they have been running humanitarian trips to India for many years, with a well established network of safety protocols and response teams. Trip date for next year is March 7-18 (first week of March break). This trip will grant each student 40 hours of community service automatically, and it also qualifies as a Duke of Edinburgh gold award residential project! There are limited number of spaces remaining, please contact Mr. Wan at for more details.



October 12th, 2018

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Study and Go Abroad Fair
What: The upcoming Study and Go Abroad Spring fairs are for everyone interested in looking for undergraduate or postgraduate programs overseas, or in taking a volunteer program, working or taking an internship abroad, considering a gap year or career break, or adventure travel.The event is focused on post-secondary education, hosting top-ranking university and college recruiters from around the world. As well, there are several vocational, work experience and Gap Year/Career Break program providers.
When: Sunday October 14th 1pm-5pm (Seminars from 12pm-5pm)
Where: Metro Convention Centre
Cost: Admission is FREE but pre-register for an entry to the grand prize draw
Universities Visiting Crestwood (Week of October 15th)
Monday October 15th- Dalhousie University
Tuesday October 16th- University of Ontario Institute of Technology
Wednesday October 17th- Huron University College at Western
Thursday October 18th- Rotman Commerce (University of Toronto)

October 12th, 2018

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The Parent Staff Social is fast approaching!
Get your tickets soon for a great evening out.

Mmmm… Halloween Bake Sale.
Please drop by our Hallowe’en bake sale on October 31.  
We’re still looking for baked treats, so if you’re able to bake or buy anything to contribute, it would be much appreciated.  Nut-free, Halloween themed items can be dropped off in the front hall at 8:00 a.m. on bake sale day.

October 12th, 2018

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Come hear Ron Morrish speak to the Crestwood Community.  From the foundation-setting of early childhood to the complexity of adolescence, he will provide you with a host of practical, common-sense strategies for raising responsible children.  You will go home with many great ideas that you can start using immediately.


Date: Thursday, November 8th, 2018

Time: 7:30 p.m.

Place: Crestwood Lower School


Kindly RSVP to Grace by November 1st, 2018

Friends welcome!


“Having heard Ron Morrish speak on several occasions, I strongly urge you to attend this extremely informative meeting. I’m certain you will not only enjoy it, but leave feeling inspired and readily able to apply practical parenting strategies.” -Dalia Eisen

October 11th, 2018

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Last week the Grade 6 students participated in Crestwood’s first annual “Drop Zone Contest.”

Students put their knowledge of gravity, drag and air pressure to the test and built their own custom parachutes. Each group collected and used recycled materials such as grocery bags and plastic dry cleaning covers. After completing the project, students attached their parachute to a miniature paratrooper.

Finally, each paratrooper+parachute was put to the test and dropped from the top of the Gym. The grade 6s had a blast and learned a lot in the process!

-Adam Conn


October 11th, 2018

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A brace from Griffyn was not enough as Crestwood grade 6 soccer team conceded two penalty kicks in a tough loss to Montcrest School. On an unseasonably hot day, the boys started slowly and were behind inside 5 minutes, more goals against followed and the team found themselves 4 goals down at half-time and fading fast. A spirited second-half performance most notably from Nicolaas and Griffyn brought Crestwood back into the game, but it was not enough. Final score Crestwood 3 – 5 Montcrest.

-Coach Greenacre

October 11th, 2018

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The U-10 soccer team hosted their first home game of the season against Montcrest School. We are so proud of the team for putting in their best effort this game! We showed major improvement from our first game and we can’t wait to play again next week. It was a very close game with Ben and George both scoring goals for Crestwood. Way to go team!

-Coach Hebscher

October 11th, 2018

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The U9 soccer team hosted our first at home game against Montcrest School this past Tuesday, October 9th. It was an exciting game and we got our first win of the season! Everyone played hard and had fun! A special shout out to Mark and Zachary for scoring our goals. We ended the game with a final score of 6-4. We are excited for our next game at Bayview Glen. Thanks to all the parents and teachers who came out to cheer us on!

-Coaches Robinson & Solski

October 11th, 2018

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The U12 Girls basketball team played their 3rd game of the season on Tuesday, October 9th in their home gym against Montcrest School. It was a nail biter of a game from start to finish! We started off slow with a deficit of 7-0 in the first quarter, but we stayed positive, knowing our shots would start falling. We started to make our comeback and with numerous lead switches throughout the first 3 quarters, the team stayed focused and confident into the 4th quarter. With the help of a few clutch baskets in the 4th quarter, Crestwood celebrated their first victory of the season with a final score of 26-19. We are so proud of the improvement the team has demonstrated into the second week of their season. We are looking ahead to our first away game on Thursday, October 11th against Villanova. Congratulations to the team (and fans) for a fantastic first win!

-Coach Fuller

October 11th, 2018

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The Scholastic Book Fair is coming to Crestwood School from Tuesday, October 30 – Thursday, November 1.  Please watch your emails for a message inviting you to volunteer to help out.
Also check your child’s backpack for a flyer with more details.  See you at the fair!
-Lara Bafaro

October 10th, 2018

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The Cross Country Team laced up on a beautiful fall afternoon to conquer the trails at Sunnybrook Park. Our Grade 3s set off running first and many of our students placed top 10 in the Under 9 category. Way to go James, Jordyn, Aiden, George, Dimitri, Natasha and Davis! Next, our Grade 4s zoomed through the finish line. Again, Crestwood had some top 10 racers. Well done Angus, Nathan, Fergus, Dara, and Sanaad. We ended our afternoon meet when the Grade 5 and 6 team members took off at a steady pace and completed a challenging 2 km run. Jameson, Daniel, Cooper, Tate, Noah, Elle, and Johnny all came across the finish line with a smile. Keep challenging your personal best Crestwood Cross Country Team. Your coaches and parents can’t wait to cheer you on at our next meet on Thursday!

-Coach Georgiou

October 5th, 2018

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Hi Crestwood Parents,

Happy October! We hope that everyone’s start to school has been a good one. The Parents’ Association has already had their first meeting of the year and we had a fabulous turnout. We are now busy putting the finishing touches on our annual Parent & Staff Social that is coming up on October 25th. We are excited to be hosting a fun-filled night of food, entertainment and lots of mingling. So come out and meet some of the new staff who have joined Crestwood and catch up with familiar faces whom you haven’t seen in awhile. We hope we will see you there: get your tickets before it’s too late!

Shannon Nevison & Heather Balter

Co-Chairs of the Crestwood Preparatory College Parents Association

October 4th, 2018

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Coaches Hawkins, Jull and Walker traveled to Burlington Golf and Country Club this past weekend for a coaching clinic run by the National Competitive Coaching Program. Over two days, Crestwood’s curling coaches learned and practiced techniques to help Crestwood curlers reach their full potential as athletes. The clinic also gave the coaches the opportunity to shake off any cobwebs after a summer away from the ice. This opportunity could not have come at a better time, as Crestwood’s curling season is approaching quickly. This upcoming Wednesday at 3:30 in room 206 there will be an important meeting for any returning curlers, as well as anyone interested in participating in Crestwood’s Learn to Curl program. Please contact Mr. Jull, Mr. Walker or Mr. Hawkins if you have any questions.

October 4th, 2018

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Please take a moment to watch our Crestwood Terry Fox Run recap video with your son/daughter.

You can find it at this link:

All students must hand in their envelopes no later than Friday, October 19th. Thank you for your cooperation and support.
-Mr. Cooper

October 4th, 2018

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Any Grade 4-6 students interested in Crestwood’s Annual “School Musical” please meet with Bobby on Tuesday, October 16th in the library between 11:50 – 12:50pm to setup an audition appointment.

-Bobby Freeman

October 4th, 2018

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Thank you to Somayeh Walton for organizing another successful used uniform sale. Also a big thank you to all of our volunteers – without your help we would not be able to hold such a successful event. Your efforts are much appreciated.

A reminder that the CSPA meets on Tuesday at 9AM in the library. We encourage all parents to attend.

For all those parents who have ordered new uniform pieces – these items will be delivered to school no later than Monday, October 22nd.

-CSPA Executive

October 4th, 2018

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Wednesday our Senior Girls’ Basketball team travelled to TYS to continue their undefeated streak in CISAA play.  Our Lions got off to a slow start,  but once they picked up their pressure there was no looking back.  The Lions were led by the sharp shooting of Rachel Mintz and Megan Pearlman.  The final score was 66-33 Crestwood.

Cross Country

Wednesday the Varsity Cross Country team competed at a meet at Sunnybrook Park.  Congratulations to Ella Rival, Will Dennison, Will Magan, and Jack Magan. Special shoutout to Kyra Grossman for placing third in the junior girls race!

Today, Grade 8 boys Tony Qi and Steven Li had a great race at the Sunnybrook Cross Country meet. Congratulations Tony and Steven!


The Senior Boys’ soccer team traveled to Cherry Beach for their match against Greenwood.  Despite a short bench and a number of injured players, CPC made a game of the match, overcoming two one-goal deficits to tie the game. One of CPC’s markers, Jonas Weissland, scored a highlight goal just outside the box, which motivated the team for a while.  The second half however, saw Greenwood extend its leave, as three of our players succumbed to injury. The game ended 5-2.  A special thanks to Junior call ups, Jesse Codron and Alex Korda, for helping the team be a little bit more competitive.


The Senior Boys’ Volleyball team played a hard fought match Monday night against TFS.  After losing the first set, the Lions came back with some hard-hitting to win the next two sets.  Unfortunately, the boys lost in the fifth set but showed resiliency and great effort.  Excellent serving and consistency by Luis Pacheco and great setting and hitting by Trevon Thomas and Immanuel Oludele.

October 4th, 2018

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The annual Parent Staff Social is coming soon!
Don’t forget to get your tickets for the Parent Staff Social. Hope to see you there.

New chairs in the courtyard.
You may have noticed some new blue Muskoka chairs in the courtyard at Crestwood.  The Parents’ Association has purchased these chairs to help create a comfortable area for students to relax and spend time with friends. The first chair is dedicated to the memory of Roy Pejcinovski, who was a grade nine student at Crestwood. The second chair is in honour of the 2018 graduating class.  Each year a chair will be dedicated to the graduating class.  

Pizza Lunch
It’s time for pizza lunch! Don’t forget, the first pizza lunch day is Friday, October 12.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

October 4th, 2018

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Do you enjoy a good challenge?  Join the Problem Solving Club, currently every Friday after school!  See Ms. Esther Lee for more details.

October 4th, 2018

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The U12 Girls basketball team had their first game of the season on Tuesday, October 2nd. Not only was it the first game of our season, but it was the first game ever played in our brand new gym! The excitement in the air from the team, the coaches, and all their fans was extraordinary! We were so impressed with the improvement the players have made since last season, and they hustled their way to an almost victory. It was an extremely close game through all four quarters, ending in a 3 point deficit for the Crestwood Cubs. Multiple players scored baskets, and we witnessed some beautiful assists and intense defence. Coach Fuller and Coach Kanfi are so proud of the teamwork and sportsmanship displayed by all the athletes.

Thank you to our scorekeeper – Carly Sherman. Our next game is this Thursday, October 4th, in our home gym once again! Hope to see you there!

-Coach Fuller


October 3rd, 2018

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Goals for Grifyn and Christopher were not enough as the Grade 6 Soccer team lost 3 – 2 against TFS. On a rain-soaked evening, Crestwood started the game slowly and was quickly behind by two. The boys rallied in the second half and brought the game level, but with only one minute remaining TFS stole the victory.

-Coach Greenacre

October 3rd, 2018

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On Monday, September 24th our very own primary music teacher, Ahbra Mink, had the privilege of singing on stage at Princess of Wales Theatre for the Mirvish Season Opener. This promotional event was invite-only for Mirvish subscribers and open to all members of the media. Singing as part of SoundCrowd Choir, she backed up Broadway’s Dear Evan Hansen alumnus Colton Ryan as they sang the hit number “You Will Be Found” in front of a packed house to introduce the musical to the Mirvish line up. Ms. Mink brings her experience on stage into the classroom to prepare students for their own performances as part of the choir program and the grade 1-3 musicals. Check out the video below to see a clip! Can you find Ms. Mink?

Click on image


October 3rd, 2018

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Over the past few weeks, the Crestwood community has been working hard to raise funds for the Terry Fox Foundation to support important cancer research.  We are so proud to announce that together we have raised $17,135.00, our highest earnings to date.  We greatly appreciate the support of all the parents, families and friends that supported this cause.  

Today we honoured Terry Fox by participating in the annual Terry Fox School Run day.  Following a moving assembly, the school went out to the ravine to either run or support and cheer on the runners.  We had over 100 students participate in the race and what a race it was.  Congratulations to the following winners;
U14 Male – Alex Norman
U14 Female – Olivia Chodat
U14 Team – Cross Country
Varsity Male – Jacob Hanning
Varsity Female – Ella Rival
Varsity Team – Senior Boys Soccer
Teacher – Ms. Maziarski
Thank you to everyone for their generosity!

September 28th, 2018

Posted In: Crestwood News

Congratulations to all Crestwood students and parents who took part in our annual Terry Fox Run this past Thursday. To date online we have raised almost $2400.00 in addition to the paper pledges that continue to come in daily. We are well on our way to our $10,000.00 goal. In addition, we’d like to thank the following students that accompanied Ms. Lisa Newton from our Upper School, Megan Pearlman, Taylor Howell, and Abby Mintz, you were a big help.

Please continue your fundraising efforts.

The deadline for your forms to be in, is Friday, October 19th, 2018.

-Sherri Brenzel

September 28th, 2018

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