Holocaust Education

This week Crestwood was visited by Faye Kieffer who spoke to Mrs. Winograd’s Grade 8 class about her experiences during the Holocaust. Faye is a hidden child survivor and she was born in Binyacorna, Poland in 1928. When the war broke out, Faye and her family were quickly moved to Ghettos. Her mother and siblings were taken

Holocaust Education

            This week Crestwood was visited by Hedy Bohm and Leonard Vis, who spoke to Ms. Young and Mrs. Winograd’s respective grade 8 classes about their experiences during the Holocaust. The grade 8 classes have been studying the novel The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, and discussing the social and

Wasserman, Sally

Sally Wasserman is the only child survivor of the Dambrowa ghetto, which was located in southern Poland, not too far from Auschwitz-Birkenau. When her family was forced into the ghetto, her mother encountered Mr. Turken, a man who did work for the authorities in the ghetto. He and his wife agreed to take Sally in

Waldner, Mia

Mia Frank survived the war as a hidden child in Belgium. Her stepmother’s quick thinking did save Mia, but both her stepmother and father were killed during the Holocaust. Mia was interviewed by Crestwood student Hayley Goldsand on a Baycrest field trip in early 2009.

Kravitz, Helene

Helene Kravitz is Crestwood student Sy Greenberg’s great-aunt. She was a hidden child in Belgium during the Second World War, along with her sister Rosa, whose story can also be found in this project. She was interviewed by Sy in the fall of 2009.

Cohen-Rubin, Rosa

Rosa Cohen-Rubin is the grandmother of Crestwood student Sy Greenberg. She is a Holocaust survivor who was a hidden child during the war, along with her sister. Her parents Felix and Blima were able to save their daughters by leaving them in the care of a convent. Sy interviewed his grandmother about her experiences in

Speare, Mary

Mary Speare was born in Budapest, Hungary but has lived in Canada for over 60 years.  She went through WW2 and experienced Nazis persecution against Jews.  Her father was taken to a labour camp early on, as the family’s fortunes began to unravel.  Mary was fortunate to be spared deportation to Auschwitz as her mother put

Terry Fox Run Info!

At Crestwood we are proud of the commitment we’ve made to Community Service. We are beginning the 2018-2019 school year with our annual Terry Fox Walk/Run, which will take place during the afternoon of THURSDAY, September 27TH, 2018 at the Glendon field. Students should be in their House t-shirts, Crestwood gym shorts or track pants

Shtibel, Rachel

Rachel Shtibel, nee Milbauer, a vivacious and outgoing music lover, lay hidden and silent in an underground bunker in Nazi-occupied Poland for nearly two years.  A young child, she managed to survive the war, through her determination and good fortune.  After the war, a recovered violin, case and photos hidden away by Rachel’s beloved Uncle Velvel

Fairbloom, Esther

When Esther Fairbloom’s mother was pregnant she went to a ghetto in Tarnopol to deliver Esther.  Her mother knew the Germans would come after them, so she sat down with her sister and made the choice to have her two children hidden. She had known the people at the local church and they agreed to

Hans, Denise

Denise Hans was born June 21, 1938. She is the 4th of 6 children. Her father, Michel, and mother, Perla, came from Poland in the early 1920’s. When the war broke out, žthe round up of Jews first affected her family when her father received a “Billet Vert” asking him to go to the police

Becker, Bronia

Bronia grew up in a small town called Kosowa, in eastern Poland. Her family consisted of her parents, and three brothers who were all married and had children. She also had an older sister; both girls were unmarried. They lived comfortably in Kozowa. It was a quiet town… When the war began, her town was