Empowering Your Family

  Thanks again to all of our Crestwood families and educators who were able to view last week’s webinar with Michael Eisen of Youth Wellness Network about the importance of self-care and open family communication. The attached guide, Empowering Your Family and Decreasing Stress, outlines the practical strategies and approaches featured in the webinar. Youth

The Power of Water!

The Grade 2 classes had a fantastic day at the Kortright Centre on Wednesday, 15th May! They had the opportunity to examine air and water in the natural environment. Students developed an appreciation of the size and power of the water cycle; the importance of water in our lives and the environment; and the value

CPC Overpowers CDS

Hockey After a two week hiatus, the Varsity Hockey team played their last road game of the regular season when they took on first place CDS.  The team did not disappoint, jumping out to a quick 3-0 lead with some great saves by Alexa Gibson in net and a natural hat trick by Christian Campanelli. 


All Crestwood students took part in a powerful presentation led by our Grade 4 classes this past Wednesday. Relevant speakers, skits, slides, songs and even a fashion show held the attention of a packed Atrium, consistently delivering the message that each and every ONE of us has a part to play in making our school,

The Power of Pink

Dear Parents, A few weeks ago, Crestwood students took part in an assembly during which they saw a performance, “The Power of One”, in which actors presented skits to vividly portray what bullying is, what can be done about it and how every child has “The Power of One”….. the power to report and deal

Power Hour

Over the last couple of weeks, the Grade 7 weekly “Power Hour” has focused on philanthropy.  “To ease another’s heartache is to forget one’s own.”  – Abraham Lincoln We discussed children throughout the world who are less fortunate than we are, and what we could do to alleviate their struggles.  We chose to undertake an endeavour to provide

Power and Politics

On Thursday, Grade five and six had a special guest speaker pay a visit to Crestwood School as part of their Social Studies units.  Grade Five is currently studying Aspects of Canadian Government and Grade Six are focusing on the Canadian experience. Jennifer Blitzer is a lawyer who has worked for the Provincial Government including

Bhullar, Bhag Singh

Bhag Singh Bhullar was born May 14, 1924 in the village of Bhullar, in the Punjab region of India.  At least that’s what his official military records say; the reality is that he was born in 1922, and his family had lied about his birthday, hoping that making him two years younger would keep him

Brody, Josef

Josef Brody was born April 26, 1936 in Slovakia.  During the Second World War, Slovakia came under the rule of the fascist Josef Tiso, and was a part of the Axis powers, alongside Nazi Germany.  The country’s Jews suffered tremendous hardship because of this arrangement, becoming victims of the Shoah, first through restrictions imposed by

Crestwood’s Grade 5 Classes Pioneer iheart Programme in Canada

  Crestwood’s Grade 5 students have just completed the second week of a course called Innate Health Education and Resilience Training, (iheart).  This course was developed in the United Kingdom to educate children about their innate resilience, with notable success.  98% of children who have taken the course have noticed positive changes in themselves at

CPC – Donations Needed

We Need Your Donations The Female Peer Mentorship Program has partnered with Native Child and are working with their female youth empowerment group to help end Period Poverty in Indigineous communities.  We will be collecting feminine hygiene products (pad, tampons, pantyliner), all next week to donate to Native Child’s transitional housing, shelters, and their youth

Ending Period Poverty

Our Female Peer Leadership group has partnered with Native Child Services (Malvern) to work on some female empowerment initiatives.  As part of our February ‘Because I Am A Girl Day’ (Feb. 10), we will be collecting donations of feminine hygiene products to be distributed to Native Child’s transitional housing units, shelters, and to mothers that utilize

Haley, Frank

Frank Haley was born January 25, 1925 in Cheadle, Alberta. He grew up in that small rural community, going to a one room school and having fun however and whenever he and his friends could. As Cheadle was a farming community, the impacts of the Depression were severe; the price of wheat crashed, and dust


  Dear Parents, It’s hard to believe we have made it to the end of the term! We have finished off the calendar year with a week of fun, filled with both school and holiday spirit! We loved seeing students get into all the dress up days this week with lots of holiday projects and

McLean, Susan

Susan McLean was born May 12, 1948; she came of age in the 60s, an idealistic young woman in the time of JFK.  Asked what she could do for her country, she chose the Red Cross and Vietnam, serving as one of the fable “Donut Dollies” of the time.  It became her mission to bring

Markow, George

George Markow was born April 14, 1921 in Russia, just outside the city of Leningrad.  He was born just four years after the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, and George remembers the impacts it had on his family and early life.  Food especially was in short supply during those years, and the Party’s reach was growing. 

Caliva, Narce

Narce Caliva was born on September 7, 1929 in Salinas, California.  His father originally came from the Philippines and had emigrated to California via Hawaii.  In California he met his soon-to-be wife, daughter in a family who had come to the United States from Yugoslavia.  Narce grew up in California against the backdrop of World

Evolve 2021: Developing Elite Level Leadership

The Believe Initiative, founded by Olympian Sarah Wells, was created to empower high school students across North America to believe in themselves and become resilient leaders through project-based initiatives. To date, the Believe Initiative has impacted over 120,000 youth and has helped students initiate over 10,000 community impact projects! This summer, they are hosting a

Margol, Hilbert

Hilbert Margol was born February 22, 1924, just ten minutes before his twin brother Howard, in Jacksonville, Florida.  Their father had immigrated from Lithuania not too long before, as had their mother.  The boys grew up against the backdrop of the Great Depression, learning about the war that seemed to be happening a world away.

Peter, Avraham Haim

Avraham Peter grew up in the city of Lodz, Poland, where he was born August 12, 1926.  His parents had their own factory/business and the family was living a good, observant life, and the young Abe attended a Jewish school, and was raised in part by his grandparents.  Anti-Semitism was a reality in 1930s Lodz

What’s the Matter?

The grade 5 classes enjoyed a virtual Scientist in the School this week. They explored states of matter and physical and chemical changes through experimentation. They especially loved creating a chemical change using red cabbage powder, vitamin C, baking soda, epsom salts and water! The students had a wonderful time and really showed off their

Goldstein, Ronald

Ron Goldstein was born August 16, 1923 , in London, England.  His parents, looking to escape the anti-Semitism and lack of opportunity, had immigrated to England from Poland in the years before the Great War.  They went on to raise a large family, and Ron was the 10th in a family of 11.  Ron left