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Charles Mann is a Canadian veteran of World War Two who served with the Black Devils.  Originally from Port Hope, Charles and his family were affected by the Great Depression, like so many other Canadian families.  Charles left school for work, but with the coming of the war, he enlisted in the army, and when they asked for men to sign up for special services training, Charles jumped at the opportunity, soon finding himself in the Second Parachute Battalion.  From there, he went to Montana, where Canadian and American soldiers together went into the Special Services, later to be re-named the Black Devils.  After the arduous training was complete, the first destination was Alaska, but the Japanese had left just weeks before the Devils arrived.  He was then shipped off to Africa, and from there he saw combat in Italy and southern France; Charles welcomed VE Day in London, England.

Charles visited us in May 2013, where students Sarah Mainprize and Stephanie Erdman took the lead in his interview.

May 22nd, 2013

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October 19th, 2015

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