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Meng Fan was born in 1926 in Sumatra, Dutch East Indies, which now is Indonesia. Later he moved to Hong Kong.  When war came, Hong Kong had to support in war efforts. However, Hong Kong was lacking resources such as food. Meng Fan volunteered to join the army. He started with training and was barely 20 years old on the battlefields. He worked closely with the  American G.I as an army translator and soldier.  After the war he did some business but did not go well. Later in his years he moved to Canada with his family when China was recovering from the tragic aftermath. He is currently 92 years old. Fan MengXiang was interviewed by Miranda Su, Martin Chang, David Huang, and Arielle Meyer at the Sunnybrook Veterans’ Wing on November 3, 2017.

April 16th, 2018

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Mr. Scott Masters has been awarded a study grant to take part in the Peace & Reconciliation Study Tour, sponsored by ALPHA Education

Educators from all over the world have joined this life-changing journey from visiting historical sites and museums to meeting with experts, educators, curators, and survivors. Through stories and personal reflections, educators have been able to bring a more humanized perspective to issues related to WWII in Asia back into the classroom.

The 2017 Peace and Reconciliation Asia Study Tour takes place from July 14-27, 2017.  It is a two-week immersion program in the history of WWII in Asia, focusing on the atrocities experienced by the Chinese and Koreans.  Participants will visit Shanghai, Quzhou, Nanjing, Beijing, Harbin, and Seoul, South Korea.

The 16 participants this summer are from the U.S., Canada and Hong Kong, and cover the following professions:  teachers/educators, film makers, historians & researchers, lawyers, community leaders, and activists.

June 21st, 2017

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We are thrilled to welcome a new class of teachers this fall, and invite you to get to know some of stellar staff who have been added (and returned) to the staff of Crestwood Preparatory College.

Chris Birrell

20160830_142722Chris brings a wealth of worldly teaching experience to his role at Crestwood as an English and Social Science teacher. He has taught in Redding, England, and his most recent post was in teaching film and psychology at an IB school in Abu Dhabi. He is an avid fan and player of hockey, and will be helping out our boy’s hockey team this year. Ask him about his cat, Bryzgalov, and what is was like being in the United Arab Emirates over the summer.




Jennifer Wu

Jennifer WuJennifer is happy to be joining the Crestwood team as an ESL and Mandarin teacher. She has taught in both Canada and China over the past five years and is currently completing her Master’s degree with Western University with a focus on International Education. In her spare time, she is an avid reader and traveller and is happy to share her love of reading with her students. Ask her about her recent travels and her work with international students around the world.




Jennifer Williamson

20160831_112304We are excited to have Jennifer join the Crestwood community as a Social Sciences and Special Education teacher. She completed her Bachelor’s degree at Trent University in Teacher Education and Psychology and went on to do her Bachelor of Education in Australia. Jennifer has been living in British Columbia for the last six years, but grew up in Mississauga. She is really looking forward to helping out with this year’s school musical and welcoming all the students new to Crestwood. Ask her about horseback riding, and what books she read over the summer.




Stephanie Letham

20160831_112237Stephanie joins as a Science and Math teacher this year. She attended Queen’s University for her Bachelor of Education and pursued her first year of teaching in Sweden. She grew up in the Kawartha Lakes region and is very excited to be a part of the Crestwood community. She joins us with several years of teaching experience, having most recently taught at St. Andrews college. Ask Stephanie about her favourite Disney character, and what it’s like growing up as a triplet.




Marlo Davis
20160901_150527Marlo joins us with a rich background in education and sports, and we are thrilled to have him join us as  Math and Study Skills teacher. He studied sociology while on a basketball scholarship to the University of North Carolina Wilmington. He continued onto the university of Windsor for his Bachelor of Education and completed his Masters of Education at East Central University. He is originally from Toronto and is excited to bring his teaching experience and athletic skills in his role as teacher and basketball coach to the students of Crestwood. Ask him about when he is finally going to learn how to cook, and about his favourite HIMYM episode.




Natalie Corneau

20160831_154832The French depart is excited to welcome Natalie Corneau as a french teacher and curling coach at Crestwood Preparatory College. Natalie comes to us from Kingston, where she completed both her Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts before also completing her Bachelor of Education at Queen’s University. She brings with her more than three years of teaching experience in the Limestone District school teaching Match and French. Ask Natalie about her favourite roommate Rory, and why she enjoy playing beach volleyball.




Ronny Wan

20160831_152155Ronny is thrilled to bring his wide variety of teaching experience and technical skills to the Crestwood community. He has taught for more than 4 years, including some time spent teaching in Hong Kong. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Math and Computer Sciences at the University of Waterloo, before going on to Queen’s University to complete his teacher’s education. He comes to us having most recently taught at Metropolitan Preparatory Academy and is excited to get to know Crestwood students during extracurriculars like Robotics Club, Badminton, and Volleyball. Asks him about his favourite Netflix show, and what NHL team he cheers for.



Lara Pagano

IMG_5453Last, but certainly not least, we are overjoyed to welcome back Lara Pagano, returning from an outstanding year of bringing up young Mason! Lara is excited to return and catch up with all her old students, as well as meeting all the new faces joining the Crestwood community this year. Ask her to show you more beautiful pictures of her bouncing baby boy.


September 1st, 2016

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Beatrice Chu was born in the end of December, 1930 in Kowloon, Hong Kong.  Before the war, she was middle class.  She lived with her many sisters and brothers and her parents; she was the oldest sibling and had 9 younger siblings that she helped to care for.   The Japanese came to attack Hong Kong when Beatrice was 11 years old.  She and her family fled to a rural mountainous area and stayed there throughout the war.  Therefore, Beatrice was not very exposed to the dangers of war, but she did recall many of the very difficult conditions that the family endured.
Beatrice presently lives in Hong Kong and she shared her story with her granddaughter Kelly Chu, who is in Mr. Masters’ Grade 10 History class here at Crestwood.  Kelly took advantage of the global village in which we now live and interviewed her grandmother via Facetime.

March 24th, 2016

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George MacDonell was shipped overseas early in the war; he and his fellow soldiers expected to be sent to England, but they were instead sent to Hong Kong, to help in the defence of that British colony. Overwhelmed by the Japanese attack in December 1941, George and his fellow Canadians fought valiantly, only surrendering when ordered to by the governor of the island. George went on to be a POW for the remainder of the war, surviving the brutal treatment of the Japanese POW camps. George has worked through the Memory Project for several years now; he has now spoken at Crestwood many times, including at Crestwood’s 2012 Remembrance Day Assembly.  Michael Lawee and Jessie Cooke interviewed him at that time, and in February 2017 we again visited George, with Audrey Melkoumov, Rhys Malisch, Zach Morris and Macaulay Harling taking the lead on this project.

January 10th, 2013

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John Waddell served in the RCN as WW2 came to a close. His overseas duty came late in the war, so John was fortunate to avoid combat and the dangerous convoys that made up so much RCN duty. He was able to see many places though, literally going around the world and visiting the ports of Malta, Gibraltar, the Suez, and Hong Kong to name a few. John as interviewed for this project by Alex Stevenson in December 2009, and again in 2017 when Dean Sun, Ashleigh Lindayan, and David Huang visited him at Sunnybrook.


July 9th, 2012

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