Tuesday | January 16, 2018

Ray Cameron is a veteran of the Merchant Navy.  When the war came he was living in Lindsay, Ontario, where he had been on the farm and had worked on the Great Lakes as a seaman.  When Norway was pulled into the war, the Norwegian merchant marine made the decision to recruit in Canada, and Mr. Cameron signed up.  Soon he was off to New York, and he set off across the Atlantic on the first his crossings.  Ray was able to travel the world during his years, making journeys to Europe, Africa and Asia, all the while carrying the supplies that were integral to the war effort, and putting himself in harm’s way as the Axis forces did all they could to interrupt those vital supply lines.

Ray visited us at Crestwood for our April 2016 Veterans’ Breakfast, and Mr. Masters was able to visit him in his home in June 2016, where he was interviewed for this project.

July 12th, 2016

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George Myatt served in Canada’s merchant marine during WW2. As such, George was a crewman aboard a number of cargo vessels, and he visited many ports of call around the world, especially in Europe and Africa. George saw his share of danger working in this often neglected part of canada’s military force; one ship he was on was torpedoed, and he and two other crewmen were the only survivors. They were adrift on the Atlantic for three days before being rescued, and George was lucky to go on to a full recovery.

George was interviewed for this project by Crestwood student Nick Andreoli.

July 9th, 2012

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