Saturday | December 14, 2019

Foote, Jack

Jack Foote served in the RCN during WW2. For many years he and Fred Walden spoke to Mr. Masters’ history classes about their support role in the D-Day invasion and aftermath. After Mr. Walden passed away in 2008, Mr. Foote decided to retire from speaking at schools but in 2010 he did agree to sit down with Patrick Park and JK Kim for an in depth interview about his wartime experiences. Since he has come of retirement and came back to Crestwood to speak to History 12 students; he was also our special guest for Remembrance Day 2010, when he was featured on a special broadcast of Crestwood’s Remembrance Day assembly.  We visited him in his home in April 2016, when he spoke with Will Paisly, Rory Peckham and Harlan Rich.


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