Saturday | March 23, 2019

Lightstone, Mort

Mort Lightstone, at the age of 18, decided to join the Canadian Air Force. He was trained as an Air Force Navigator and graduated as an officer in April, 1952. His career continued for 28 years and totalled more than 6,600 hours of flying missions.  His job in Korea was mainly to deliver Canadian service personnel, mail and supplies to Korea, and bring back the wounded, usually American. He also took part in the Vietnam War in 1972, where he played a role that was for many years classified. A long military career took Mort all over Canada and the world, and he brings his stories to many Canadian students each year. He visited Crestwood in November 2010 courtesy of the Memory Project.  A longtime supporter of our work, Mort returned to Crestwood in may 2018, where he presented his life story to History 10 students.


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