Loeb, Edith

Edith Loeb was born December 31, 1927 in Bruchsal, Germany, not too far from the border with France.  From her accounts and memories, Edith was living a good life; her father had a store, and she and her brother went to school and the family was doing well.  As the 1930s and the Nazi ideology

Fiszman, Renee

Renee Fiszman is a child survivor of the Shoah from France.  Her father joined the French military at the war’s outset, and this would prove to be a crucial decision for the rest of the family; he was taken as a POW early in the war, and would not rejoin the family until 1945.  When

Denise Hans – Holocaust Survivor

Denise Hans visited Mr. De Franco’s Grade 8 English class last week to share her trials and tribulations during the Holocaust. Though she was only 4 years old at the time, she remembers vividly the day the Nazis knocked on her parents door and took away her father, uncle, aunt and cousin. She was to

Engel, Julien

In 1942, after the Vichy regime started arresting Jews, the Engels attempted to escape France by going to Switzerland. On the border, they were caught, and shipped to a temporary prison. They would then be shipped to the Rivesaltes interment camp. At this time, the Vichy government had a policy of releasing children. While Julien,