Kim Han Soo

Kim Han Soo was born in northern Korea in 1918, during the time of Japanese occupation.  When the Japanese invaded the Chinese in 1937, Mr. Kim remembers an offhand remark from a Japanese officer, bragging about a Chinese girl he had raped and murdered.  It would prove to be a powerful lesson for Mr. Kim,

Sitbon, Stefania

Stefania Sitbon is a Holocaust Survivor from Poland.  She was born just before the war began, so Stefania doesn’t remember the German invasion, or life before the war.  The memories she has are of her childhood, a time when things had changed dramatically.  Stefania grew up in the chaos and hunger of the Warsaw Ghetto,

Zeller, Helen

Helen Zeller grew up in Poland.  She was living a very comfortable life with her family when the war began, quickly changing everything.  While most of her family was lost, Helen and a few others were fortunate to escape the liquidation.  She was able to survive in a bunker and the forest, dependent on a

Becker, Bronia

Bronia grew up in a small town called Kosowa, in eastern Poland. Her family consisted of her parents, and three brothers who were all married and had children. She also had an older sister; both girls were unmarried. They lived comfortably in Kozowa. It was a quiet town… When the war began, her town was