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 Don’t miss your opportunity to participate! Tickets are only $25 each, sell the booklet of four and you will be eligible for the free year’s tuition raffle draw for Crestwood School.

 Silent Auction for Blue Jays Executive Box starts at 3:30pm. Bidding ends at 6:15pm

 The raffle prizes are as follows:

Crestwood One Year of Free tuition

Crestwood Valley Day Camp Free month

Leafs & Blue Jays tickets

End Table by Arrow Furniture

Free pizza lunch by CSPA

Scholastic Book Fair by CSPA



Tempur Orthopedic Pillow

One hour passes to Sky Zone

Skin care product basket

KitchenAid Immersion Blender

Birthday Party by How Cool Is That

Gift Cards – LCBO, Cineplex, Indigo, Toys’R’Us, Yorkdale, Spa Finder, The Keg

Gift certificates – Hair Salon, Facial Spa Treatment, Restaurant, Zoom! 

Voucher for “Introduction to Mindfulness Class”

Bluetooth Speakers

Sonicare Electric Toothbrush

Questions?  Please contact Luanne Pearlman at or Debbie Ng-Perkell at

Tickets are due back on Monday, June 13th.

The winners will be drawn on Tuesday, June 14th at Family Fun Day.

Please send your cash or cheques (payable to the CSPA) to the office as soon as possible!

If you would like to purchase extra tickets, please contact Grace at the office or if you do not intend to purchase the tickets you currently have please return them to the office. We will sell them to other parents who wish to purchase more tickets.

Thank you again for supporting Crestwood School.

CSPA Fun Fair Committee





June 7th, 2016

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Don’t miss your opportunity to participate! Tickets are only $25 each, sell the booklet of four and you will be eligible for the free year’s tuition raffle draw for Crestwood School.

Questions?  Please contact Luanne Pearlman at or Debbie Ng-Perkell at

 Tickets are due back on Monday, June 13th. 

 The winners will be drawn on Tuesday, June 14th at Family Fun Day.

So send your cash or cheques (payable to the CSPA) to the office as soon as possible!

If you would like to purchase extra booklet/tickets, please contact Grace at the office.

Thank you for your support

The Crestwood Raffle Committee

May 26th, 2016

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The FUN starts here!

The Family Fun Day Raffle is a fun raising activity to support programs that directly benefit the Crestwood School community, including the Welcome Back BBQ, Family Fun Day, Scientist in the School program, iPads for the classrooms, Smart Board replacement and the Winter Carnival. Last year, the raffle raised over $20,000, we are hoping this year we can do the same or even better!

We thank the Crestwood community for supporting the Raffle with donations and Dalia Eisen has once again generously donated the Grand Prize, Free Tuition to the lucky winner for the 2016-2017 School Year. Now we need your help to find and donate the rest of the fabulous Raffle Prizes!

Popular Donations include:

  • Sports events, entertainment, travel and theatre tickets
  • Gift certificates to your favourite restaurant or retail location
  • Spa and esthetic gifts
  • Electronic equipment, games, etc.
  • Anything you have that is new and would be fun for another family

Donating is easy! You can fill in the donation form (click here) and return it, along with the donated item, to the office. Please submit all donations by May 18th.

Thank you for supporting your school community!

The Crestwood School Raffle Committee

Fun Fair Date: Tuesday June 14th, 2016

May 5th, 2016

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Dear Parents,

We would like to thank the following families and organizations for their generous donations towards our fun fair raffle:

Adud family: Furniture from Arrow Furniture

 Dr. Jordan Bender-Aurora Periodontal Centre: Sonicare Electric Toothbrush 

 Goldstein Family: Kitchen Aid Immersion Blender 

 Neil Lu & Family: Gift cards from LCBO & Toys R Us 

 Dr Lisa McCabe: Tempur Pillow, Custom Orthotics, Birkenstocks 

 Morel family: Private Executive Suite for Jays’ game, Maple Leafs 
Hockey tickets, Zoom! Teeth Whitening Session, Coquine Restaurant Gift Certificate 

 Maria Napolitano: Blue Jays Tickets 

 Veronica Takes: Mindfulness Class 

 Kevin Xu & family: Gift cards from Indigo, Cineplex, Toys ”R” Us 

 CRESTWOOD Valley Day Camp: “Free” Month of August 2016 

 CSPA: “Free” pizza lunch for the year , Scholastic Book Fair

 Birthday Party by “How Cool is That” 

 And the grand prize …… “Free” year of tuition from Dalia Eisen

There is still time for you to make a donation. Gift cards, tickets to sporting events, electronics are still needed.

The money raised from the fun fair goes directly into enhancing the experience of our children. The funds will be used to buy smart boards (some of them are obsolete), iPads and fund programs such as “Scientists in the School”. Please consider making a donation so that we can fund all these value added initiatives.

Donations can be dropped at the office. The last day is Wednesday May 18th, 2016 to make your donation.

Please contact Luanne Pearlman or Lisa McCabe for any questions.

Thank you for your continued support The CSPA committee


April 28th, 2016

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Raffaella DeSimone was born in Italy in 1943, in the midst of the Second World War.  As her parents were farmers, and there was no work, the family relocated to France, and then to Canada.  The family arrived in Halifax, at Pier 21, and they began to adapt to their new country, reaching out to family that had arrived earlier.  Raffaella’s memories of her early days were mostly positive ones, as she and her family were welcomed into and prepared to make their mark in Canada’s postwar history.

Raffaella was interviewed by her grandson, Crestwood student Michael DiBattista, in December 2015.

March 6th, 2016

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Sarah graduated from CPC in 2005. She is an author, educator, mindfulness practitioner, holistic nutritionist and certified Rainbow Kids Yoga teacher. She has written some amazing children’s books—see for yourself on her website!















January 29th, 2016

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“The international media have come and gone. The satellite is gone. The journalists are gone. The headlines have changed. But the situation hasn’t. Please don’t forget about Dadaab. Don’t forget about the thousands of children dying each day. Continue to tell the stories of the people you met here in Kenya. Continue to let people know that this humanitarian crisis is only deteriorating. You are the generation I have been waiting for and together we can be the change here in East Africa.”

Even after being home from Kenya for only one week, the ending lines of Mia Farrow’s speech still replayed constantly in my mind. When I returned in August for my second trip to Kenya, it was overwhelming to see how much had changed in just one year. The Horn on Africa was now struggling with drought and the United Nations had just declared a state of famine. A combination of drought, on-going conflict and escalating food prices had placed over 12.4 million people in need of aid relief. Over 2.5 million children under five were acutely malnourished and wasting away. All in just one year. I just knew that I somehow had to do something to help the situation in East Africa, a place where I quite literally owe my life.

When I first decided to travel on a Me to We trip with Spencer West in July 2010, all I wanted to do was go as far away as I could from everything I knew. To a place where I could run away from everything. Runaway from my family. Runaway from my friends. Runaway from my life. Runaway from me. What I found in Kenya was the exact things I was running from. But like everything lost, it always has to be found. I found community. I found family. I found friends. I found happiness. I found myself. I was lost, but I was found in Kenya.

On September 9th with only one week left for the Canadian government to match donations through the East Africa Drought Relief Fund, I began Rafikis4Africa, a one-week challenge to fundraise $5000 to build a clean water project with Free the Children. On my first trip, I truly realized that I was part of larger movement, working to change the world by providing a hand-up and not a handout. This is the mentality behind the Adopt-A-Village model to create long-term sustainable change. Not instant quick fixes, but change that can last.

I created my own website ( with information about FTC, the drought, my goal, resources and my story, which linked to my online personal fundraising page with FTC. Through sending out emails, reaching out to people in my community and running Rafikis4Africa Week at my school, complete with a Change4Africa homeroom coin challenge and a $2 Grubs4Africa dress down day, I not only achieved my goal but I surpassed it. By Wednesday, the midpoint of the week, I reached $5055! I decided to change my goal a bit. I decided to donate the first $5000 to FTC’s immediate relief efforts to be matched by the government, resulting in $10 000 really being donated. Because of the success of the campaign so far, my new goal is to raise an additional $5000 in 1 month to go towards building a clean water project. Rafikis4Africa has raised $6167 in just one week to support both immediate and long-term relief in East Africa!

Through Free the Children and Me to We programming, as well as getting the opportunity to have such inspiring facilitators this past year has truly taught me the life lessons needed to actually motivate and empower me to start Rafikis4Africa. Something that both Kailea and Alex tried to drill in my brain is to just attempt and try because you never know unless you do. You have nothing to lose. People dream of succeeding and achieving great things, but success can’t be achieved without trying. I think that’s what really differentiates a dreamer and a do-er. A dreamer only thinks about what it would actually be like to do something great but a do-er actually takes the risk and tries to do whatever they want to achieve. They try to make their dreams a reality. I believe that’s why many of us who fee like we are apart of the movement consider ourselves to be shameless idealists because we know that we can do whatever we set our mind to, even though sometimes the goal seems insurmountable. We redefine our possible and redefine the goals people think can realistically be achieved. But the truth is, any goal, big or small, can be achieved. It’s always possible. You just have to believe in yourself first.

For more information on Rafikis4Africa and how to support the cause, please visit:

June 28th, 2012

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Wednesday, June 21st is recognized across Canada as National Aboriginal Day; an opportunity for Canadians from coast-to-coast-to-coast to acknowledge and celebrate the enduring contributions that Canada’s indigenous population has made to the nation’s history and culture. 

Crestwood Preparatory College has worked to specifically to heighten student awareness of important indigenous issues throughout this past school year. The following events, lessons, and workshops are a few of the ways CPC has brought these issues to the forefront:

  • Crestwood staff members attended the Na-Me-Res Traditional Pow-Wow in June and the Native Child and Family Services Pow-Wow in September, using the opportunity to learn, network, and develop important contacts within the local indigenous community.
  • Crestwood students from the Me to We/YARRD club were among the first in Canada to hear songs from Gord Downie’s Secret Path when they attended We Day this past October. Students in Mr. Tanev and Mr. Hawkins’ Grade 10 Civics classes also had the opportunity to view the film version of Secret Path in class, as part of a unit on the topic of Truth and Reconciliation.
  • At the annual meeting of all Council of Independent Schools, English department heads, Mr. Jull helped facilitate a discussion of the place of literature by First Nations authors in our schools’ curriculum.  Crestwood was also recognized at the conference for the strong presence of indigenous voices in our Canadian Literature course. 
  • Crestwood hosted Towards Reconcilation, a symposium that gathered over 400 GTA high-school students and educators, and received official recognition from the heads of all three levels of government. The event was not only an important experience for the attendees, but also helped further Crestwood’s contacts and reputation amongst important organizations and members of the local indigenous community. 
  • During the symposium, Mr. Masters coordinated Oral History Project interviews with many of the attending speakers and workshop leaders. These interviews form the basis of the new First Nations section of the Oral History Project website (
  • Ms. Young and the Crestword editorial staff devoted an entire issue to coverage of Towards Reconcilation, and topics related to indigenous issues, helping to spread lessons of the symposium within the broader Crestwood community.  
  • As part of an interdisciplinary project, Grade 10 English and Civics students drafted letters to their elected representatives in Ottawa and Queen’s Park on the topic of Truth and Reconciliation.
  • While continuing its partnership with Haliburton-Kawartha Family Services, Crestwood Gives added Native Child and Family Services of Toronto as a recipient of the annual holiday giving drive.
  • Students in Mrs. O’Connor, Mr. Birrell, and Ms. Williamson’s Grade 8 Canadian History classes participated in a variety of lessons and activities incorporating indigenous perspectives, including a class visit from a survivor of the Residential School system.
  • Many Grade 10 Career Studies students chose to research and represent charities working with Toronto’s indigenous community for their Youth Philanthropy Initiative presentations, with the group representing Native and Child Family Services Toronto winning in the finals. Crestwood and YPI sponsored a $5000 grant to the winning charity, which will be put to use helping send foster children in the care of NCFST to summer camp this year.
  • In May, cultural workers from Native Child and Family Services led workshops for Ms. McCourt’s Grade 12 drama students on traditional drumming and “myth-busting” common cultural stereotypes regarding Canada’s indigenous population. Also, much tinier visitors from the NCFS daycare attended Ms. McCourt’s Grade 10/11 drama class to serve as an audience for a morning of student-produced puppet shows.
  • Mr. Masters and Mr. Hawkins were invited to present the story of Crestwood’s Oral History Project, and their vision for its role in reconciliation, to the Ontario Ministry of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation’s annual All Staff Meeting and Circle of Honour Awards. 

Building better relationships with our Aboriginal population is a challenge that will, in many ways, shape Canada’s coming years and decades. At Crestwood, we are confident that our students are being outfitted with the skills and awareness to tackle this- and all- future challenges.

June 23rd, 2017

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Dear Parents,

Our Family Fun Day takes place on Tuesday and we are looking forward to seeing everyone for a fun filled afternoon. Please submit all order forms for wristbands and raffle tickets to the office as soon as possible. Silent auction items and sponsorships are still being accepted.

Please click here to download our FFD Package.

June 11th, 2017

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The junior boys rugby team hosted a great day of rugby here at CPC.  The boys first game was a close match against Lakefield College.  Unfortunately we just ran out of time and fell short by one try.  Jonas Weissland scored 2 tries and Max Dolman scored 1 try, Jacob Hanning added 1 conversion in game 1.  The second game of the day saw our CPC lions face off against The Toronto French School.  The boys dominated the game from start to finish and won 14-7.  Jonas Weissland scored his second try of the day (which should have been his third!), and Callum Braund added an end to end try.  Jacob Hanning finished off both tries with 2 successful conversions.  The final game of the day the Lions faced the undefeated RSGC.  It was a tough first half but the boys finished strong with 2 more tries coming from Jonas Weissland.  Great job boys!

The U14 Rugby Team had their best tournament of the season at the Sterling Hall School. The boys showed good teamwork, quick thinking, and athleticism over their three matches. It took the boys a little bit of time to warm up, as they lost their first match, tied the second, but won their third match against SHS.  Every player made great contributions to the matches, but there are a few special recognitions. Mateo Rocha and Aedan Armstrong-Fogarty supported each other, and ran over half the field to score a try. Liam Wagner plowed through his opponents in the end zone, scoring his first try of the season. Jet Lam dodged through the other teams, scoring one try each game.  Coaches Birrell, Peerenboom, and Wappel are very pleased with a great day of rugby!

The senior boys rugby played an excellent day of rugby up at Holy Trinity School.  The boys finished with 2 wins over Ridley College and Holy Trinity.  Try scores were Ryan Mann with 3 tries; Aren Karshafian with 3 tries; John Mainprize with 5 tries; Mert Tutco added a try and Braden Harris had 1 try and multiple conversions.  Congratulations to the team on finishing in 2nd place in our division and making it to the final four!



The U14 Girls soccer team hosted the league-leading team from the York School and played its best game of the season.  Implementing a formation of 5 defenders, three midfielders and two strikers, our girls kept York’s scoring chances to a minimum, and generated our chances to go on the offensive.   While our girls trailed for most of the game, we came close to tying the game with two minutes left in the contest. In the end, our girls lost the game 3-2, but showed what it takes to work as a team and to battle for each and every ball.  Kudos goes to the entire team, with particular shout outs to Monica Altschuler who made some spectacular saves, Maddie Milberg and Merve Inan who battled the whole game on defense, midfielder Kate Harding, for being a thorn in the side of York all game, and the goal scorers, Kyra Grossman and Ella Rival.  It’s onto to the playoffs with our opponents to be announced shortly.  Go CPC!

The U14 Girls soccer team entertained the girls from Trafalgar Castle Monday afternoon.  Mr. D described the final result as a Dickens novel, since the it was the best and worst of times for our girls.  The good news is that we managed to score 4 goals, with 3 goals coming compliments of Ella Rival, and one goal from Kyra Grossman.  The bad news is that Trafalgar scored 8 goals to our 4, as our girls couldn’t find a way to contain their offensive attacks.

A big congrats to the Senior Girls soccer team on yet another win against Trafalger Castle.  Everyone played a great game, with special mention to Alexa Gibson our goalie who scored in the second half and Tiana Bailey for her two hard fought goals.


Slo Pitch

The Senior Boys slo pitch team was back at Fenside Park on Monday for their final regular season game vs. Bayview Glen. The game was a see-saw battle, with both teams racking up double digit scores. Crestwood’s David McCall led the way for the Lions with two grand slams, a 2-run homer and a ridiculous 10 total Runs Batted In. After falling behind in the top of the 7th, the Lions were able to put up 5 runs in the bottom of the 7th, leaving the game a 21-21 tie.

The U14 Boys Softball team got back into the win column with a dominating 18-1 victory over Montcrest School.  Despite a slow start, the boys’ bats came alive in the second inning, and kept pumping out runs at a relentless pace in the innings to follow.  Key to the offense was Alex Korda, who hit a 2-run home run, as well as Ethan Gazer, who had a bases clearing triple.  Ethan Adler also had a solid game on the mound, in an excellent bounce-back pitching performance.

Track & Field

The U14 track team travelled to St. Andrews College for a track meet.  The team had a great day, setting many personal bests in the varied events.  Congratulations everyone!


May 18th, 2017

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What a day the Senior Boys Rugby Team had at Ridley College. The boys played four exciting matches, which ended in 2 wins against CDS and HTS, and 2 losses against Ridley College and HCS.

Cole “The Crusher” Morrison made hard tackles and smart plays, bringing many of his opponents down hard and fast.

Great leadership was presented by Braden Harris, who played all four matches, scored conversions, made great kicks, and kept the team spirit up on the field.

John Mainprize, Ryan Mann, Artie Shlykov, and Ty Ellis were quick AND fast, scoring eight tries throughout the four games.

Overall it was a fantastic day!



Senior boy Josh Haughton competed in the Andre Hamilton Relays and had a great day.

After placing third in long jump in the morning, Josh won first place in the senior boys’ triple jump in the afternoon, setting a new competition record of 13.67.

Congratulations to Josh! Well Done!



Congratulations to the Senior Girls Soccer Team on their win against Trinity College.  Special mention goes to Julia Lee on her hat trick and Sydney Steiman on her first goal to get us started.  All around great play by all team members.



The Senior Boys Softball team traveled to Lakefield last Friday afternoon for their first game of the season. Playing shorthanded, with a bench composed of call-ups from the U-14 team, Crestwood fell behind early to the big bats of Lakefield. Crestwood kept it close, with crafty baserunning, fantastic play on the mound and at the plate by Charlie Nogas, and a big 3-run triple in the 6th by Jonah Patel. Unfortunately, the boys were not able to develop a strategy to deal with Lakefield’s biggest bats, and after 7 innings, the final score was Lakefield 18, Crestwood 8.

May 4th, 2017

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The senior boys and girls badminton teams traveled downtown yesterday to play against the York School. The squad participated in a series of matches that lasted for a few very competitive hours. All the teams played very well and in the end, both schools were equally matched and tied 6 matches to 6.
Next week is a busy week with senior practices and games. Crestwood will host the next match Wwednesday, April 19th at 3:30 in the Crestwood gymnasium when we welcome the senior girls’ team from Trafalgar Castle School. Come by on Wednesday to see your senior girls play!


Crestwood’s Varsity Ultimate Frisbee Team got their first taste of true league play this week. With many new players joining the Lions this year it was a fabulous opportunity to learn about the game, and put all the theory they learned into practice.

The fast paced game was exciting to watch, and even though it took a couple of games for us to score our first point we played with heart. Some game highlights were fantastic defensive plays by Zoe Shen, Daven Siu, Ella Lee-O’Rourke, Laura Chu, and Kelly Chu. Special mention goes out to Faith Joseph and Joseph Zuckerman who put points on the board thanks to assists from Alex Von wersebe and Mohammed Basha.

April 13th, 2017

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Gerda Sless was born in Brussels and in her young life was raised by her mom, dad and her brother, along with her grandparents. Gerda and her brother shared a great bond and as siblings they had a positive relationship. One morning everything took a turn though – the war intruded upon their idyllic lives.  Gerda managed to escape the grip of the Nazis; she went into hiding in a convent, while her brother was taken to Auschwitz. Gerda’s story is the story of a teenaged girl on the run, trying to live her life against a backdrop of upheaval.  She was interviewed for this project in November 2016 by Amir Rafati, Arielle Meyer, Serena Iannucci, and Julian Silver.

April 6th, 2017

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Bernie Collins was an RCAF navigator during World War 2. He started out his life in Toronto, Ontario, the only son in a large extended family. He helped his grandfather in his auto-shop, working with tin and learning to use his hands. When he got the chance, Bernie joined the RCAF, knowing that he was soon to be conscripted as a soldier. During the war Bernie was stationed on a number of bases, mostly in different parts of eastern Canada. He had to do many things, from finding out why certain planes crashed, to travelling back from north Scotland with crazy Texans. When not involved in those adventures, he learned about aircraft maintenance and design. After the war he resumed his education, and became a dentist, retiring at the age of 80. Bernie was interviewed in February 2017 by Liam Gardner and Scott Masters.

March 28th, 2017

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Crestwood was pleased to send a delegation of students to the University of Toronto Model United Nations Assembly (UTMUN) this year.  UTMUN is held each February on the campus of the University of Toronto.  Crestwood’s delegates this year included Angelina Audette, Norris Chung, Aaron Greenspan, Sally Li, Queena Li, Jenny Li, Amir Rafati, Jessica Shen, Cheryl Situ, Zoe Shen, Gavin Wei, David Huang, Bora Kutun Artie Shlykov, Donna Dong, Georgia Gardner, Robert McHale, Alexander McLeod, Daven Siu, Viki Tao, Adam Tytel, Silva Xu, and Anbo Wang.
Over the four-day conference, the students participated in the various committees of UTMUN, including DISEC, ECOSOC, the UNHRC and so on.  On these committees, the students submitted and debated a number of resolutions, which were modeled on current international issues; as such, the students had to role play and had to be well-versed in the foreign policies of their respective countries, as well as the operations of the UN in general.  Even with all this, they managed to have fun at the same time.  All in all, it was a good experience, and Mr. Masters and Mr. Rachlis thank the delegates for their enthusiasm.
IMG_6808 IMG_6786 IMG_6778 (1) IMG_6781 IMG_6803 IMG_6801 IMG_6798 IMG_6834 IMG_6815

February 16th, 2017

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Fred Roles was born in 1920s London, the son of a firefighting family.  He vividly remembers the beginning of the Blitz in 1940; when his neighbourhood was bombed, he and his mother had the good fortune to be at the back of the family home.  He vowed to shoot down those German planes as soon as he could, and he went on to join the RAF.  He wanted to be an air gunner, but the RAF needed communications specialists, so Fred was trained in Morse Code, and deployed to various RAF bases, where ho participated in the defence of Britain during the intense battles of 1940-41.  At the midway point of the war, Fred was deployed to Ceylon, where he joined the Wire Service, helping to decipher Japanese messages and working towards victory in the Pacific.

We met Fred at Sunnybrook veterans Wing in December 2016, where he was interviewed by David Huang and Scott Masters.

January 23rd, 2017

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Stan Dinney was born in New Brunswick in 1922, near Moncton.  His father moved the family to Windsor, Ontario for a few years when Stan was young, but he took the family back to Moncton with the coming of the Great Depression, when he secured employment at a family lumber mill.  Stan enjoyed his early life and teen years in New Brunswick, and in particular he excelled at baseball.  With the coming of the war, his athletic hopes were dashed though; he decided to join the RCAF, and by 1941 his training regimen was underway.  Stan was moved to various parts of Canada, where the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan put him through the motions, and Stan was prepared to be an armourer and member of the ground crew.  He was shipped overseas in 1941, and attached to numerous squadrons in Great Britain, where he serviced Beaufighters and Mosquitoes.  Stan remembers coming under attack by a Junkers 88 on one occasion, the closest he came to enemy fire.  Rather suddenly Stan was moved at the midpoint of the war, and after a journey through the Mediterranean and Indian Ocean, Stan was deployed on Ceylon, to the base at Koggala.  There he serviced the Catalina Flying Boats, playing a crucial role in the RAF reconnaissance flights over the Asian theatre of war.  Stan was there until April 1945, when he was returned to Canada.  He ended the war by demobilizing the RCAF’s Lancasters, stripping them of their guns.

We met Stan at the Sunnybrook Veterans’ Wing, where he was interviewed by David Huang and Scott Masters in december 2016.

January 10th, 2017

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CSPA MEETING – Tuesday December 6, 2016

1. Dalia’s Update

Mathletics- has been launched school wide. On-line math program monitored by child’s teacher.

Child can do easier work, at level or enriched. Children can compare and be motivated by

seeing his/her performance relative to kids around the world. Program very motivating- kids

love it.

Crestwood U12 ice hockey beat UCC for the first time in 12 years. A huge win! Three girls on

the Crestwood team! Just fabulous!

Reminder Concert tomorrow night.

Uniform Dave- people have had some difficulties. Emails not getting through. Dave

accommodating. Go Monday to Prep to get what you need.

Communication- the office/Dalia sent mail and two electronic updates about the back lot

changes to pick up. Still parents didn’t know where to go and the problem is parents/caregivers

are very reactive about “not knowing.” Don’t know what else school can do? Parents don’t

read anything?How to get parents to read? How to get parents not to be abusive? Constant

frustrating challenge.

2. Budding Artists

Jordanna and Tama- will be delivered this week. A successful project with good participation. 144

orders completed. Numbers at the next meeting.

3. Crestwood Cares- Pattie

Tons of Community Service going on at -many student initiated.


Starting Friday “Be the Change”- coin drive. Going to Orphanage in Tanzania. Kids moved by

presentation by past Crestwood student who works with Orphanage.

Volunteers to roll change- Mary Ann, Tanya and Judith

Debbie- will ask the bank that hold CSPA $ if they have a “roll” service we can get. Also will

look into Canadian Tire “machine” for us to use.


“Sock it to Me”- socks for homeless.

Food Drive for NY Harvest Food Bank- great need after Xmas. House Heads will be able to go

this year.


Planning to organize a sponsorship of Syrian Refugee family needs. Items will be collected.


Read-a-thon. Charity will be Autism based this year. In the past has been MS and Kidney


May: Room for something.

June: Jump Rope for Heart.

Request: for in school signage to let everybody know about these programs.

Get a list going to have parent volunteers to sign up and help.

Melanie will look into a school sign board that updates can be put on. Will be located by the

Atrium doors.

4. Bagel Breakfast:

Goal to get more Primary parents involved in the CSPA and school community. Date January

10. Only adults. (Not clear who is running with this!)

5. Pizza Lunch:

Mary Ann taking over. Plan will be put in place when construction happens. TBD

6. Lisa McCabe- donated a Beckmann back pack to be raffled off at CSPA meeting. Names

drawn from bag. Thank-you!

The next CSPA meeting will be held on January 10, 2017 at 9am in the school library.

December 16th, 2016

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In light of Thursday’s (Dec.15th) unexpected snowstorm, please review the information below.

  • If there is a heavy snowstorm overnight and it stops by approximately 5-6:00 in the morning, there should be no problem with the hill.  The city has us on their priority list and will plow the hill 2-3 times before 7:30.  We end up with the best plowed road in the city!

  • If there is a heavy snowstorm overnight and the snow doesn’t stop in time for the hill to be accessible, you will receive a phone call by 7:30 from a Crestwood staff member letting you know it’s a Snow Day.  This does not happen very often…in fact, over the 27 years that we have been in this location, we’ve had to close the school 6-7 times.

  • If a heavy snowstorm begins at 2-2:30 in the afternoon as it did yesterday,  the snow plow can’t get here in time.  We cannot arbitrarily decide to close school early as many parents wouldn’t be able to get here.  If you can get here and choose to pick up your child early, please call Grace or Michele and let them know you are coming early.  If you are stuck in traffic and are going to be late, rest assured that your children will be taken care of no matter how late your arrival may be.  In these circumstances, we do not send children to AFTERCARE… they will remain in their classrooms with a teacher until you arrive.

  • If the hill has not been plowed and you do not have snow tires, it is strongly suggested that you park at the top of the hill and walk down.  This will alleviate those of you without snow tires getting stuck on the hill and thereby causing a huge traffic jam.

  • For those of you who do drive down and are now ready to drive back up, please be patient and adhere to the instructions from the teachers who are directing traffic.  Things would run more smoothly if you wait until the car in front of you reaches the top of the hill (ie. one car at a time goes up the hill).  You are less likely to get stuck if you do not stop on your way up.  This is more easily accomplished if, as I already stated, there is only one car at a time going up the hill.

Let’s hope for no more untimely snowstorms this year.

Thank you for your attention to this.  Have a happy and safe holiday.

Yours truly,



December 16th, 2016

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The Grade 6’s went to Mars on Thursday–and everyone came back unscathed!  Our trip to the Science Centre was full of excitement and all sorts of space activity.  We saw a great IMAX movie and explored the museum’s space exhibit, but the highlight of the trip was our Mission to Mars simulation.  Two groups of students, Mars Control Crew and Spacecraft Crew, had to work together to complete a series of tasks.  These included entering Mars’ orbit, launching two satellite probes, landing on Mars, doing a crew switch, lifting off from Mars, and reconnecting with the mother-ship.  Student jobs included Communication, Data, Isolation, Navigation, Medical, Life Support, Probe, and Media.  Students had to communicate, problem-solve, follow very technical instructions, and most importantly, work together.  They persevered through increased levels of carbon dioxide in the spacecraft, a solar storm, and a dust storm on Mars’ surface.  It was a fantastic experience and a powerful extension of our space curriculum.

-Gr.6 Math and Science, Ms. Sara Suckstorff

20161103_120024 20161103_112413 20161103_112239 20161103_105558 20161103_105546

IMG_6609 IMG_6607 IMG_6604 IMG_6248 IMG_0751 IMG_0356

November 4th, 2016

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We were excited to host our Crestwood’s Grade 5s and 6s for a day of new experiences and community building as they attended classes and games at Crestwood Preparatory College. Lower school students had a chance to hang out with their Upper school counterparts while they built hovercraft, enjoyed lunch in the cafeteria, and flexed their problem-solving skills through games in the gym. Hope to see you all again soon!


IMG_2011 IMG_1961 IMG_2006 IMG_1784 IMG_1582 IMG_2067 IMG_2061 IMG_2056 IMG_2036 IMG_2038 IMG_2086 IMG_2082 IMG_2165 IMG_2093

October 28th, 2016

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The U14 Boys soccer team’s final regular season match against the visiting Bayview Glen School. Despite the foul conditions – and the fact that the soccer ball was like a bar of soap out on the pitch – our boys continued their winning ways downing BVG 3-2. The game was marked by some gutsy defending, goal tending, and pressing, and by three spectacular tallies by Jesse Codron, the team’s goal scoring leader. Our boys finish the season in commendable fashions, with only one loss, three wins and one tie, which means that they have earned home field for the their playoff match against Ridley next Wednesday at 3:15 PM. In addition to the players, a special thanks to our fans, including the families and teachers, that have been cheering the team on since our first game. Looking forward to seeing you ALL on Wednesday for what promises to be a competitive and highly entertaining must-win playoff match. Go CPC Go!!!


The senior boys soccer team dominated this week  with wins against Upper Canada College and Lakefield College. The boys put on quite a show in their game against UCC during the first half with some brilliant combination passes which seemingly caught UCC off guard. Especially when Braden Harris tested their back line by showing the utmost skill to get by their defense, and sent in a masterful cross for Spencer Cohen to finish and put CPC up 1-0.  While UCC tried to generate an offense, it was quickly shut down by a jaw dropping 35 yard goal by Matthew Yanovski. Shout out goes to Chris Saunders for his well deserved Shut out! Coaches Johnstone and O’Connor are proud of how well the team played yesterday and hope to carry the momentum into Wednesday’s home game vs. Lakefield. We would love to see CPC’s support, as the boys continue their pursuit to the top, and extend their undefeated season.

Lakefield took advantage of CPC’s slow start and scored 15 minutes into the game. Matthew Yanovski would soon after answer back with a bullet, bar down to tie the game 1-1. CPC was just starting to settle into their possession style game, when a penalty kick was called against them. Chris Saunders, showing the utmost confidence, hypnotized the shooter as he danced along his goal line, he made a terrific save to keep CPC in the game. Braden Harris put CPC ahead by showing poise infront of the net and slipped one by the LCS keeper. Only to be answered back by LCS to tie the game 2-2. The final goal came from Cole Morrison, who put a well placed header by the keeper to win the game. Coaches O’Connor and Johnstone were pleased with the result and support from the school, this win moved the senior boys into 1st place. Their next home game is next Tuesday vs. Greenwood. Hope to see you all there!


The Jr. Boys’ Soccer team hosted Lakefield College.  The first half of the game showed off a strong defensive effort  by everyone on the team as they kept the opposition from getting any chances on our net.  Unfortunately, due to fatigue and a few errors, we gave up a goal early in the second half.  In order to try to get back into the game, we changed our strategy to play a more offensive style.  Although we created more chances, we were unable to capitalize to tie the game.  Our final game is this upcoming Monday against UCC.



The U-14 Girls Basketball Team continued in their winnings ways by defeating BSS 58-37.  This gave them top ranking in their division and the opportunity to host next week’s playoff game and possible Championships on Saturday.  Great play by all on both sides of the court.  Top scorers were Latasha Lattimore with 28, Schymera Samuels with 16 and Shayeann Day-Wilson with 15.


Congratulations to the Jr. Girls once again on their wins against Bishop Strachan and Hillfield Strathallen! The Bishop Strachan win marks the end an undefeated regular season, the girl’s will be on their way to CISAA playoff”s next week! Top scorer of the game was Jadaia Reid with 15 points, followed by Tianna Bailey and Marina Nevison with 10 points each, Zakayla Day with 8, and Georgia Gardner and Jennifer Wang each with a basket. Congratulations girls!


The Senior Girls Basketball team played their final game of the season against Trafalgar Castle. The game got off to a slow start as it took some time for our girls to find their footing and comfort.  Entering the second half the girls knew what they had to do and put up a very strong team effort on both ends of the court. Areeg with 33 pts was the leading scorer- but could not have done it with the superb play by Jahnai Brown, Samantha Mintz, Sydney Steinman, and Willa Easton. A strong defensive game was also played by Jessica Weinberg . The girls wrap up their season with a record of 4 wins and one loss and  are looking forward to their Final Four tournament a week from Saturday. Coaches Chau and Pagano are extremely proud of the girls and look forward to bringing home a banner. This is just a reminder that there is a practice after school at 3:15.



The Jr. Boys Volleyball Team is back with a win of 3 sets to 1!  Thanks to Anthony Radford Grant and William Sun’s great passing Crestwood took the first two sets from Toronto French School last night.  In the third set, Crestwood fell behind early on and despite the lions’ best efforts to catch back up, TFS won the set 25-18.  In the fourth set, both teams were energized and hungry for a win.  However, with Crestwood’s get plays at the net and supportive bench, TFS had no chance!  The Jr. Boys play again Wednesday Oct 19th at Lakefield.  Go CPC!

The Junior Boys Volleyball Team won their second game of the week against Lakefield College School. The game started off a bit rocky, with the boys losing the first set 26 to 24. However, they shook it off, came back swinging, and won the next three sets. Shout-outs go to K’Shawn Latty for his consistency through all four sets, and Captain Juliu Holanda for hard serves, great hits, and excellent leadership on the court.


They’ve finally done it! Your senior boys volleyball team traveled to Greenwood College School for a double header against GCS and Albert College. Although they narrowly lost to the Greenwood Grizzlies, your Crestwood Lions bested Albert College by a large margin and got their first W of the season. A special shout out to Darren Biosah for his great serves and spikes, Spencer Arshinoff for his confident game play, and Silva Xu for his consistent and deceptive serves.



October 21st, 2016

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On Wednesday the Grade 3’s boarded a bus and headed to Toronto’s city core to explore our urban community from 553.33 meters high up in the sky.  As we travelled up the elevator of the CN Tower in a mere 56 seconds, we were on a mission to discover the special features of our city. From the observation deck we could see other tall buildings, beautiful parks, traffic and transportation; we even tried to find Crestwood School.  From there, we jumped on the bus again and explored Toronto’s famous Riverdale Farm.  We noticed that the farm is a representation of what a rural community would look like.  There were farm animals, barns, a silo, tractors working, and lots of open space to run and play in. Our Grade 3 students noted that Ontario provides people with a wonderful place to live, work, and play no matter if you live in the country or the city.

20161019_104857 20161019_112026 20161019_112339 20161019_114036 20161019_122552 20161019_131430

October 20th, 2016

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The voting results are in, and we are now ready to announce your 2016-17 Prefect Council:

Grade 9

Megan Pearlman

Zachary Halpern

Amirezza Rafati

Levi Tilis

William Dennison

Faith Joseph

Grade 10

Georgia Gardner

Marina Nevison

Jonah Eichler

Gregory Quon

Cindy Wang

Robbie Altshuler

Grade 11 (in a very close race)

Laura Chu

Jahnai Brown

Silva Xu

Emily Eaves

Donna Dong

Joseph Eisentraut

Ivy Lu

Gavin Wei

Grade 12

Viki Tao

Queena Li

Kristina Tzortzis

Dave Siu

Matthew Hirshberg

Alexander McLeod

Justin Lim

Congratulations to all Prefects – we look forward to getting started on a great year, beginning with our first meeting next week.

September 22nd, 2016

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On Monday, the grade 9s traveled to Spirit Point Adventure Camp, located three and a half hours north of Toronto, near the border of Algonquin Park. There, students completed several team building activities, climbed a rock wall, canoed, and spent a night camping on the edge of beautiful Hinsberger Lake. This experience allowed students to gain an essential component of their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award. The bus was filled with nervous energy as it pulled away from Crestwood, but the Grade 9s confronted what faced them with great courage.
The girls took to the campgrounds first, spending the night camping in tents, while back at camp, the boys built rafts, jetted up rock walls, paddled in the beautiful lake, played intense games of manhunt and roasted marshmallows over the campfire. Day one was a success.
When the girls arrived back at camp the next day, they were excited to fill the boys in on their adventures from the bush. It wasn’t long until it was the boys’ turn to hike out into the woods, leaving behind the comforts of camp for themselves. The girls spent the day at camp and had the opportunity to participate in some great camp-based activities.
The students had fun, made new friends, learned about camping and– most significantly–worked as a team. What a great second week of Grade 9!

IMG_2547IMG_2561IMG_2552IMG_2479IMG_2469IMG_2455IMG_0961IMG_0956IMG_0955IMG_0949IMG_0947IMG_0946IMG_0943IMG_0923Spirit Point gr9 2016-17 (95)Spirit Point gr9 2016-17 (81)Spirit Point gr9 2016-17 (85)Spirit Point gr9 2016-17 (74)Spirit Point gr9 2016-17 (69)Spirit Point gr9 2016-17 (67)Spirit Point gr9 2016-17 (59)Spirit Point gr9 2016-17 (56)Spirit Point gr9 2016-17 (45)Spirit Point gr9 2016-17 (48)Spirit Point gr9 2016-17 (41)

September 15th, 2016

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It’s a Saturday afternoon August 13th 2016, and you and 15 of your friends are sitting in a private box watching the Blue Jays vs Houston Astros while the sun is shining and hoping the Blue Jays are on their way to another series championship.

Stop imagining, START participating in the CRESTWOOD Family Fun Day Silent Auction being held on Tuesday June 14th, 2016 and make your dream a reality.

The bidding starts at 3:30pm.  Opening bid is $500.00 and bidding is in $100 increments. The bidding sheet is located at the Blue Jays table which will be alongside the registration table. Bidding closes at 6.15 pm.

Maybe you are sitting in the box celebrating an important milestone, maybe you are simply celebrating life with the people you love the most. Whatever the occasion is, a Blue Jays private box valued at $4,500 is waiting for you.

Let’s start the bidding…..


Camp Raffle PRize (1)


and much more…

Leafs & Blue Jays tickets

End Table by Arrow Furniture

Free pizza lunch by CSPA

Scholastic Book Fair by CSPA



Tempur Orthopedic Pillow

One hour passes to Sky Zone

Skin care product basket

KitchenAid Immersion Blender

Birthday Party by How Cool Is That

Gift Cards – LCBO, Cineplex, Indigo, Toys’R’Us, Yorkdale, Spa Finder, The Keg

Gift certificates – Hair Salon, Facial Spa Treatment, Restaurant, Zoom! 

Voucher for “Introduction to Mindfulness Class”

Bluetooth Speakers

Sonicare Electric Toothbrush


June 10th, 2016

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Camp Raffle PRize (1)

June 6th, 2016

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Our final Sports Update–Junior Girls Soccer, U14 and Senior Boys Rugby!

Junior Girls Soccer

This past Saturday, the Junior Girls’ Soccer team competed in the season ending finals. The team’s first opponents were from SML who they narrowly defeated during the regular season so we knew that it was going to be a tough game. Our girls started out playing cautiously in order to get a sense of the opposition. But as they game wore on, we started to make more and more plays. The precision passing by Jahnai and Saara lead to some excellent chances by Julia, Sacha, and Angelina. In the end, we won the game 3-2 and were now heading into the finals.

With the temperature outside feeling like a scorching 40 degrees Celsius, we were facing SJK who were our toughest rivals from the regular season. Once again the game started out with both teams playing carefully and not taking many chances. Unfortunately, SJK was able to capitalize on the only two chances they had all first half to build a 2-0 lead. We attempted to make some strategic changes in order to turn the game around in the second half, but the extreme heat and the solid play by SJK prevented us from breaking through. The girl’s did earn second place and the silver medal.

Mrs. Williams and Mr. Podlovics are very proud of the overall results and the incredible effort every player put into this season. The next few years of girls’ soccer looks extremely promising. Not only did the players we expected to play well do just that, but a few players who were very inexperienced came to the forefront of the team and showed their incredible potential. Congratulations on the amazing season!

soccer 2 soccer 3 soccer 4 soccer








U14 Boys Rugby

On Friday, the U14 Boys Rugby team travelled to CDS to participate in the playoffs. The team came in with high expectations and went up against the host team in their first game. Cheered on by the home crowd, CDS prevailed by a score of 4-3 after a late game try.

After the initial disappointment of losing their first game, the U14 boys rebounded to win their next three games by a combined score of 13-7 to take home the Bronze Medal. Adam Bounsall, Callum Braund, Jonas Weissland and Jacob Hanning scored tries for the team and Forrest Lin, Armin Selzner, Amir Rafati, Cameron Frank, Jet Lam and Mateo Licata came up with more than a few big tackles.

Congratulations to the U14 Boys Rugby team on a fantastic season! Your determination, commitment and effort made all of those at CPC and within the rugby program proud.


Senior Boys Rugby

Congratulations once again to the Senior Boys rugby team who captured the CISAA Rugby 7’s championships last week! The boys began the day with a semi-final win over Albert College by a score of 5-0.  This moved them on to the championship game against Pickering College.  This was a back and forth battle between both teams, but Crestwood’s speed and team defense lead the boys to a 15-12 victory!  Mrs. Newton and Mr. Pagano would like to thank the entire team for all their hard work and dedication throughout the season.  Congratulations to our graduating seniors – Andrew Gdanski, Luca Letteri, Rohan Narayanan, Aidan Reilly and Liam Wilkinson.  As well we look forward to a three-peat with our returning seniors – Brandon Baijnauth, Braden Harris, Justin Lim, Chris Sanders, Artie Shlykov, Mert Tutcu, and Aren Karshafian. Congratulations on a fantastic season!

Rugby 2 Rugby 3 Rugby 4 rugby 5 Rugby 6 Rugby














June 2nd, 2016

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Click for pictures and the Sports Schedule!

U14 Girls Soccer

The U14 soccer girls closed out their season Wednesday afternoon against Trafalgar Castle. Undaunted by the 6-1 scoreline in Trafalgar’s favor, the girls played some inspired soccer and had fun doing so. Their lone goal came courtesy of Ella Rival who slotted a shot by the surprised Trafalgar keeper.

Miss Watson and Mr. De Franco would like to thank the girls for their commitment and hard work, along with Mrs. Newton for her administrative support.

IMG_1553 IMG_1536 IMG_3671 IMG_3674








Junior Girls Soccer

On Monday, the Junior Girls Soccer Team played their last regular season game against SJK.  It was a chilly and wet day for soccer, but the girls did their best to battle both their opponents and the crazy weather. The game was a bit sloppy with both sides making many mistakes.  But thanks to the strong goaltending of Alexa Gibson and the shutdown defence of Jahnai Brown limited SJK to 2 goals. Julia Lee was our playmaker in this game as she set up Angelina Audette for 2 goals.  In the end, the game was tied 2-2. This tie secured Crestwood with 1st place and we will get the chance to host the championships next week.


U14 Track and Field

Congratulations to the U14 Track and Field team for their great performance at the track meet yesterday at St. Andrews. Special mention to Ryan Ross on his great 100 meter dash and to Zach Halpern for his excellent 800 meter run. Well Done everyone!


U14 Rugby

Yesterday, the U14 Boys Rugby team hosted their final regular season tournament of the year. Beginning the day with the knowledge that a win would send them to the playoffs, they came out to a quick start against Royal St. George’s. Led by the long runs of Jonas Weissland and Armin Selzner and the tackling prowess of Callum Braund and Adam Bounsall, the U14 team beat Royal St George’s by a score of 26-5.

In the day’s final game, the U14 boys faced off against Toronto French. In what would be a grudge match for both teams, Crestwood kept the game close throughout the first half, down at the break by a score of 14-5. While the U14 boys were unable to prevail, they demonstrated huge improvements and came away feeling confident of their chances in the playoffs. Special shout outs to Jacob Hanning, Cameron Frank and Forrest Lin for some hard fought play throughout the day.


Senior Boys Rugby

Check out some great shots from the game at Rosseau Lake College this week! On Wednesday, May 25th, CPC will be hosting the CISAA Championships. Come out and support your Lions!

rugby rugby2IMG_0635 IMG_0667








May 19th, 2016

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Dear Crestwood Families,

I am writing to let you know about an incredible event! Run, Walk, Wheel & Roll (RWWR) is an annual event in support of THREE TO BE.  Organized by grade 6 teacher Dani Seligman, RWWR enables children of all ages and ALL abilities to participate in a day of physical activities, entertainment, great food and FUN.

THREE TO BE was founded by a previous Crestwood teacher, Dana Florence, who gave birth four months prematurely to triplets.  Taylor, Cole and Brody were all diagnosed with a severe form of cerebral palsy.  Dana quickly realized that research into childhood neurological disorders was severely underfunded and that access to treatment was both complicated and insufficient.  Thus, this amazing organization was born.  Today, THREE TO BE serves nearly 1000 families just like Dana’s by providing supports and resources that allow them to participate more fully in life with as few limitations as possible.

We ask that you consider joining us on Saturday May 28th at the 6th annual RWWR event. For more information about THREE TO BE, RWWR and how to register, please visit the links below.  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact

When: Saturday May 28, 2016 10:00am-2:00pm

Where: Forest Hill Junior School (78 Dunloe Road)

What:   Run, Walk, Wheel and Roll (RWWR) – an event that celebrates children with neurological disorders and their families by giving them the opportunity to participate in a physical event, regardless of their abilities.

  • PAL Kids’ PlayZone (arts, crafts, LEGO, magician, face painting and more!)
  • 100m Dash for kids of ALL abilities
  • 1km track run/walk*
  • 5km run/walk through Forest Hill community*
  • DJ and live entertainment
  • Wellness Zone
  • Yogurty’s Frozen Yogurt truck
  • Plenty of snacks and beverages
  • Games and more!

*wheelchairs, walkers, strollers are welcome!


Website link:


Thank you so much for your support! We hope to see you there!

May 17th, 2016

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