CPC Kicks it Into Gear Over Montcrest & Trafalgar!

Soccer The Raptors may have a flair for the dramatic, but so do our U14 Girls soccer team!  The girls won in dramatic fashion against Montcrest Monday afternoon in the dying minutes of a 2-2 game compliments of a Chiara Codron goal, her third for the day.  But Chiara was only as good as her

Traffic Safety, Used Uniform and a BIG Thank You!

The Crestwood School Parents’ Association is only as effective as its volunteers and we have been extremely lucky to have met many great people over the past few years. Maryann, Pam and Melanie would like to specifically thank Linda Fata-Glover and Renita Greener for their extraordinary contributions as members of the CSPA 2016/2017/2018.  We were

CPC Reigns Victorious Over Trafalgar

Soccer On Monday the Varsity Girls’ Soccer team traveled to Trafalgar castle where they continued their winning ways.  Right from the start the girls played hard immediately demanding control of the ball.  Ella and Jahnai began by putting Crestwood on the board with goals while the team showed their skill and patience.  In the end Crestwood

Fun Fair Raffle

FINAL REMINDER!!!! THE CLOCK IS TICKING!!!!!!  PLEASE SEND IN YOUR RAFFLE TICKETS!!!  Don’t miss your opportunity to participate! Tickets are only $25 each, sell the booklet of four and you will be eligible for the free year’s tuition raffle draw for Crestwood School.  Silent Auction for Blue Jays Executive Box starts at 3:30pm. Bidding ends

Raffle Reminder

REMINDER!!!!  SEND IN YOUR RAFFLE TICKETS!!! Don’t miss your opportunity to participate! Tickets are only $25 each, sell the booklet of four and you will be eligible for the free year’s tuition raffle draw for Crestwood School. Questions?  Please contact Luanne Pearlman at lupearlman@gmail.com or Debbie Ng-Perkell at ngdebbie@rogers.com  Tickets are due back on Monday,

Family Fun Fair Raffle

The FUN starts here! The Family Fun Day Raffle is a fun raising activity to support programs that directly benefit the Crestwood School community, including the Welcome Back BBQ, Family Fun Day, Scientist in the School program, iPads for the classrooms, Smart Board replacement and the Winter Carnival. Last year, the raffle raised over $20,000,

Race is on for Fun Fair Raffle!!

Dear Parents, We would like to thank the following families and organizations for their generous donations towards our fun fair raffle: Adud family: Furniture from Arrow Furniture  Dr. Jordan Bender-Aurora Periodontal Centre: Sonicare Electric Toothbrush 
  Goldstein Family: Kitchen Aid Immersion Blender 
  Neil Lu & Family: Gift cards from LCBO & Toys R Us

DeSimone, Raffaella

Raffaella DeSimone was born in Italy in 1943, in the midst of the Second World War.  As her parents were farmers, and there was no work, the family relocated to France, and then to Canada.  The family arrived in Halifax, at Pier 21, and they began to adapt to their new country, reaching out to family

Spotlight on Alumni: Sarah Kraftchuk

Sarah graduated from CPC in 2005. She is an author, educator, mindfulness practitioner, holistic nutritionist and certified Rainbow Kids Yoga teacher. She has written some amazing children’s books—see for yourself on her website! www.sarahkraftchuk.com                        


“The international media have come and gone. The satellite is gone. The journalists are gone. The headlines have changed. But the situation hasn’t. Please don’t forget about Dadaab. Don’t forget about the thousands of children dying each day. Continue to tell the stories of the people you met here in Kenya. Continue to let people

Brewster, George

George Brewster was born April 5, 1923.  He grew up in New Brunswick, the son of a Great War veteran who had enlisted in the Royal Flying Corps.  After the war his father worked for the railroad, managing to keep food on the table even during the difficult days of the Great Depression, a time

Polowin, Alex

Alex Polowin’s official birthday is April 15, 1924 – but it was really May 15, 1925.  That’s because like many young Canadian men he was anxious to go to war, and since he was born in Europe the official records had been lost.  So with the help of a lawyer, Alex filed his new birthdate,

Veep Beep

  Three months into the school year and our new drop off and pick up routine seems to be running smoothly. The majority of parents and guardians are to be commended for diligently following the school’s procedures and showing courtesy and patience, particularly during the busy pick-up times.  Zone 2 Drop off in AM The drop-off area

Did you know…

  Tigers love water because it helps them cool down when they are hot. Max, R Sharks have fins and they use them to break tiny pieces of coral. Cosimo  Frogs have webbed feet to swim really fast in water. Aaron  The black mamba can grow up to 2.97 meters long.  Sebastian The polar bear

Wilson, Bill

Bill Wilson was born in Winnipeg on November 5, 1924 to Scottish parents Thomas and Marion Wilson. Bill was 14 when the Second World War began and he planned to follow in his father‘s footsteps as he had served in the First World War. When Bill couldn’t get  a place with the Highlanders cadet corps

Allergy Alert

  Crestwood School is a nut-free environment. As some of you may be aware, there are children in our school who are allergic to peanuts, pine nuts, tree nuts, and other kinds of nuts. This allergy can cause an anaphylactic reaction – meaning the airway can close up and cause breathing to stop. Given that

Goldstein, Ronald

Ron Goldstein was born August 16, 1923 , in London, England.  His parents, looking to escape the anti-Semitism and lack of opportunity, had immigrated to England from Poland in the years before the Great War.  They went on to raise a large family, and Ron was the 10th in a family of 11.  Ron left


  Welcome back everyone! And a very warm welcome to all of our new families! The anticipation is finally over!!! It was so wonderful to see all the students on the first day of school; seeing the smiling faces, smelling the lunches, and hearing the children’s laughter warmed our hearts! We would like to take

On-Line Declarations and Drop-offs and Pick-ups

Dear Crestwood Preparatory College Community: I hope this communication finds you all well. Teachers have reported for duty and are preparing for the start of school next week. Despite the obvious concerns before us, I am very confident that we will provide the usual high standards in academic program delivery as well as keep our

Lunn, Rae

Rae Lunn was born March 29, 1920, on a farm outside of Edmonton, Alberta.  He grew up during the difficult years of the Great Depression; he remembers that his family was fairly self-sufficient, but he wanted to help, so he left school early to work at another farm.  War clouds were forming in Europe during

Patrick, Ian

Ian Patrick was born January 29, 1938, in St. John’s, Newfoundland.  He and his siblings grew up in the shadow of war, as St. John’s was a busy port city during the Second World War.  His father was a railroad machinist who worked in the dockyards:  his war was spent on the home front, working

Race, Equity, and Inclusion

Everyone at Crestwood Preparatory College are working together to eradicate racism, discrimination, and inequality.  Together, staff have compiled a booklist and a Self-Assessment tool. Self assessment tool:  Race Equity & Inclusion (2) (1) Anti-Racism Reading List ( Looking for something to read this summer? Take a look at these titles!) Fiction: For Juniors For Seniors

A Message from your PrinciPALs…

  “Fill Up” with Mrs. Fuller  This week we watched a TED talk titled, “Embrace the Shake”. Phil Hansen, an artist, discusses how he seized his limitations, embraced them, and used them to drive his creativity. His inspirational message reminds us all that sometimes we have to live “in the box”, with limited resources, and

3A Sock Puppet Show

The students in 3A have been learning about dialogue and quotation marks.  We put this skill into practice by writing and performing mini puppet shows.  We found old socks and “bits-and-bots” like yarn, buttons, stickers, markers, paper, and other craft supplies.  Each student named their sock puppet and created a conversation between themselves and their cute little


FIRST Robotics Canada Build It Challenge Series Winners Just because we are social distancing, it didn’t stop our Engineers from continuing to build and compete! FIRST Robotics Canada launched a BUILD IT Series challenge nationwide and students can complete building challenges either by building with any real world items/material, LEGO pieces, or Minecraft. CPC’s very own

Crestwood Athletic Banquet Awards Presentation 2019-2020

On this beautiful day of May 21st, 2020 at 6:00pm we should be setting sail on Lake Ontario for our annual athletic banquet boat cruise. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic we aren’t able to be together to celebrate the accomplishments of our school teams and student athletes. Instead all of your coaches have gotten together

Rhyming with 4B

There’s a room I know that’s the best around It’s a place where the greatest kids can be found It’s not on the moon and it’s not ‘cross the sea It’s not an amusement park or on YouTube TV   You may wonder how I can come out and claim this I’m no basketball star

A Message from your PrinciPALs

  “Fill Up” with Mrs. Fuller has continued in Grades 3-6 classes. This week we looked at some different ways to practice self-love and self-care. We shared the different things we do to stay relaxed and happy. We talked about the importance of having activities we can do to get fresh air, move our bodies

A Message from your PrinciPALS

Crestwood Zoom School Updates: “Fill Up” with Mrs. Fuller has continued in Grades 3-6 classes. We focused on the idea of “keeping our buckets full”, by using self check-ins as a means to help us figure out what our bodies and hearts need. We brainstormed some of the things that have been tricky these last