I would like to say a big thank you to all my Art Committee members. There was no Art Committee this year, but it played an integral role over the years. The students that took part spent a lot of time in the art room painting sets, creating costumes and making school plays so


  Dear Parents, As we complete our last FULL week of the 2020/2021 school year, we can’t believe this crazy year is coming to an end. Teachers are busy preparing for our final week together, and we are excited to end the year with lots of fun activities, and some very special events, including our

Edible Soil?

  In 3A, we learned that Soil is so much more than what’s under our grass. Each layer of earth is defined by its own “horizon”. These horizons run parallel to the ground and serve up distinct characteristics that aid the layers above and below. When a vertical section of these many horizons is taken,

JK-5 Friday Pickup/Dropoff Info

  Dear Parents, Please note that online classes will end at lunch time on Thursday, June 17, so that teachers can spend Thursday afternoon at school packing up students’ belongings and be prepared for Friday, June 18 drop off and pick up. For those of you with multiple children, the youngest sibling’s items will be

Getting In Touch With Nature Art

3A learned about Andy Goldsworthy. Andy was born on July 26, 1956 and he lives in Scotland. He creates sculptures in nature using things such as: brightly-colored flowers, icicles, leaves, mud, pinecones, snow, stone, twigs, and thorns. We were inspired to create our own pieces of art in nature. Take a look at the amazing

Budding Artists

  The Grade 2 budding artists have had the opportunity to draw and colour these amazing Water Lilies and Japanese Bridge artworks representing two of Claude Monet’s greatest achievements: his gardens at Giverny and the series of paintings they inspired. In 1883 the artist moved to this country town, near Paris but just across the border of Normandy,


  Dear Parents Needless to say, hearing the news this past week about not being able to return to school for the remainder of the school year was devastating! That being said, we are a strong community and we will continue to put our best effort forward and complete the 2020/2021 strong.    In the Primary

Busy as Beavers

  The Grade Ones have been as “busy as beavers” exploring the animal world. Through reading, writing, art, and discussions they shared what they already knew yet enjoyed learning even more. We have to commend our Grade Ones on completing and presenting their very first research projects!  Way to go, Grade Ones!! Sarah Spiegel & Esther Alter

Mmmm!!!! C’est délicieux!!!!!!

The grade six students have been busy cooking some amazing treats during French class.  We have enjoyed sharing different recipes with each other and explaining the process in French.  Hopefully we can try a few new recipes to share with our families!!! Bon appétit!!! Linda Liougas

Comedy Central with SKB

There is nothing better than telling jokes after a successful chicken art lesson!!   Q:  Why did the chicken cross the road? A:  Because CRESTWOOD SCHOOL was on the other side!   Q:  Why did the chicken cross the Crestwood playground? A:  To get to the other slide!   Q:  Why did the chicken join the Crestwood band? A: 

The Beautiful Butterfly

  The JK’s are learning all about the Life Cycle of the Butterfly! They started as little tiny caterpillar’s Then they grew and they grew Now they are cozy inside their Chrysalises in their special Butterfly house We can’t wait to see what happens next!   RIP Eric Carle Melodie Young & Ros Sandler    


  Dear Parents, What a strange weather week it has been! From hot summer weather to November slushy rain – we’ve seen it all this week! We hope you have all found some time this week to get outside and get active. Thanks again for your support of our Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser. We

1st Grade Structure Strength

  Grade 1 participated in a fun, hands-on science workshop all about Structures, Materials and More. They followed an engineer’s journey from materials to structure. Next, they explored a variety of materials to understand their qualities. Then, through trial and observation, they tested for structural effectiveness. As well, they learned about attaching items together with a

3C Explore Henri Matisse!

On Wednesday 3C explored the life and art of a very famous artist, Henri Matisse! Henri Matisse was a French artist who was born in 1869. He created many different types of artwork during his lifetime. As Henri Matisse grew older and struggled with health problems, he couldn’t paint  and sculpt the way he used

Hot off the Press!

  Introducing our little Crestwood authors and illustrators.  JK & SK students have been working super hard creating their own books based on their class themes.  They have been busy typing away and letting their creativity flourish. Mae from SKA shared with me how she is now creating many more books outside of class time. 


  Dear Parents, As we “ZOOM” through May, we can’t believe we are nearing the end of the year. The hot, sunny weather this week made it feel like summer is just around the corner! We hope everyone is finding ways to stay positive and looking for things to be grateful for. The news in

Back in Time

3A travelled back in time to learn more about Life in Upper Canada in the 1800’s.  We participated in a virtual field trip to Black Creek Pioneer Village.  Together, we discussed the everyday lives and challenges of different communities that lived and worked in 19th century Ontario. We reviewed early settler food, clothing, education, recreation

Twist and Shout!

  Twist and Shout! Crestwood’s Gr. 2 and 3 student’s come together using the instruments in their music bag to perform The Beatles song Twist and Shout! Featuring 3B on the glockenspiel and main vocals! We hope you enjoy our rendition! Amanda Birchard  

A Bug’s Life!

  SKB likes BUGS! Black BUGS, Green BUGS, Bad BUGS, Mean BUGS Any kind of BUG! Round BUGS, Shiny BUGS, Fat BUGS, Mean BUGS, SKB likes BUGS! (And we really LOVE our BUG hats!) Julie Fox & Carly Hebscher   As we continue to explore the world of insects, we found this cute little ladybug


  Dear Parents, The spring weather has finally arrived! With the sunshine and warmer weather, we hope everyone’s spirits are staying high, despite these challenging times. We know remote learning continues to be extremely difficult on students, staff and parents. Thank you for your continued support as we navigate these last few weeks of school.

A ‘Novel” Way to Begin the Day!

  To begin the week, we had an exciting author visit from Lisa Graff! On Monday, May 3rd, students from grades 3, 4, 5, and 6 logged onto a ZOOM webinar with Ms. Bafaro and Lisa Graff. Ms. Bafaro had read Lisa Graff’s books to her classes, such as Absolutely Almost, The Thing About Georgie,

Happy Mother’s Day from SK!

  Kindergarten Moms have always been amazing, but this past year has shown us just how incredible Kindergarten Moms are. We recognize and appreciate the hard work you’ve done to care for your little ones. Happy Mother’s Day! Love, SKA and B!


  Dear Parents, The first week of May brought us lots to be excited about! Our week was capped off with a fun themed spirit day. We loved seeing all the creativity and enthusiasm each class brought to their chosen theme. Way to go! As we settle into remote learning, we continue to find ways

Protecting the Past @pioneervillage

  On Thursday, the Grade 3’s got to travel back in time to the 19th Century and discover the everyday lives and challenges of different communities that lived and worked in Ontario. During our virtual visit to the Black Creek Pioneer Village we got to learn more about the food, clothing, education, recreation and work,

Artist of the Month – Alizeh!

  Each month brings out new talent!!! This time Alizeh Ahmed-Fazal is sharing her art collection. She has been trying  different media’s, looking around with curiosity, and finding interesting subjects in everyday life. So happy and proud of you Alizeh!– Anya Romanenko  

Crestwood Clubs

Please take a moment to check out some of the fun and cooperative clubs being offered next week. Click on the image below to view the club list with Zoom links and additional info.     Students can also navigate via Edsby to their Groups and click on ‘Find More’ – once they discover the

What Can You Make With Aluminum?

What can you do with aluminum foil? 3A started out with some flat aluminum and we created some 3-D sculptures in our Art Class today.  First, we cut, folded, and twisted a large sheet of foil.  Then we slowly turned our twisted foil into the form of a person.  Take a look at our amazing

Help the Earth!

  SKB had quite the Earth friendly week!  We discussed the ways in which we as Kindergarten children could help the Earth. Here is what we came up with: 1.  Turn off the water when brushing our teeth 2.  Turn off the lights/computer/TV/iPad when leaving a room 3.  Use both sides of the paper 4. 


  Dear Parents, Welcome back and we hope you and your children had a much-needed restful and relaxing Spring Break. While we were disappointed to learn we could not return to in-person learning this week, we were excited to welcome the students back to Virtual School and it was so nice to see everyone’s smiling