Fish, Lawrence

Lawrence Fish was born in Crowle, England in 1923. He was the eldest of four siblings. In school he went to seventh grade and then started to work in farming and driving trucks. Most of his childhood was spent working as well as helping with his siblings. In 1941, once he was old enough to enlist,

Race, Equity, and Inclusion

Everyone at Crestwood Preparatory College are working together to eradicate racism, discrimination, and inequality.  Together, staff have compiled a booklist and a Self-Assessment tool. Self assessment tool:  Race Equity & Inclusion (2) (1) Anti-Racism Reading List ( Looking for something to read this summer? Take a look at these titles!) Fiction: For Juniors For Seniors

Bus and Carpool Information 20/21

If you are interested in more information about Crestwood’s Carpool and Shuttle Bus services for the 2020/2021 school year please contact our main office.  Any questions or inquiries may be directed to  Below is information on both Carpool and Shuttle Bus Services.   CARPOOL INFORMATION:  We understand that some parents are interested in carpooling.

Bentley, Lloyd

Lloyd Bentley grew up in northern Ontario, in Kirkland Lake and Sault Ste Marie, during the Great Depression years; the family was on the move as Lloyd’s father searched for work.  When the war came, Lloyd joined the air force, and he began his training for the RCAF, following the BCATP training scheme from Brandon

Trull, Madge

Madge Trull was born July 22, 1922.  Madge is a Londoner, though she was born in Chile; her father was involved in the import-export trade.  He brought his young family back to England as his children were growing up, as he wanted them to be raised and educated in the proper English tradition.  Madge attended

Stohn, Suzie

Suzie Stohn was born in Toronto, growing up in the “Village”, not too far from Russell Hill Road in the city’s north end.  Her family was well off, fortunately insulated from the effects of the Depression.  Suzie lived a good life, enjoying school at BSS and in a boarding school in Quebec’s Eastern Townships.   From

Picking Up Our Safety on Drop Off

We are now into the second term of our 2018/2019 school year, and while the majority of parents and guardians are to be commended for diligently following the school’s procedures for dropping off and picking up students, there is a minority who requires a reminder of our policies that are in place for the safety

A Big Thank You!

On behalf of the CSPA, We would like to thank everyone for coming out and supporting our first annual Holiday Wine, Cheese & Shopping Sprees Event! It was a day of festivities, excitement and community involvement all benefiting our children. Thank you to all of our generous vendors who donated 20% of all their sales

CSPA Meeting Recap

CSPA October Meeting 2018 A new initiative for used uniforms (ones that are ripped and unsellable at the sale). We can collect and donate to Value Village who will shred and sell them for auto body shops as rags (etc.) We can collect any textiles for this. – staff contact Ms. Patton   Dalia’s Dish Pot

Vencel, Mike

Mike Vencel served in the Canadian Navy during the Cold War era.  He joined up in the 1950s, fresh out of high school in southern Ontario, with the goal of pursuing a trade.  Mike set his sights on becoming an electrician’s mate, and he served in this capacity on several ships, notably the HMCS Assiniboine

“Cow”-operation is a Must In Ontario

The Grade 3’s were visited by a Dairy Farmer today. We discussed all of the different regions in Ontario and how the Dairy Industry is vital to the industry of the Great Lakes/St. Lawrence Lowlands.  Dairy Farms are located in rural communities where farmers, lab technicians, bulk tank carriers, veterinarians, and nutritionists, all work together

Murphy, Paul

Paul Murphy served in the Royal Canadian Navy during the Second World War.  Paul served aboard several ships, notably the Cobalt and the Wallaceburg, and he was involved in the RCN’s convoy system in the western Atlantic, working the triangle between New York City and Newfoundland.  Paul’s ships would escort convoys in that zone, both

Next Week’s Spring Concert Dress Rehearsal Rundown

Please have your children prepared for our rehearsal time on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. We will walk together to Lawrence Park Church on Monday (June 4th) and Tuesday (June 5th). Students must dress for the weather and wear appropriate walking shoes (runners would be perfect). ONLY students who play trumpet, baritone, alto and tenor sax,

Used Uniform Sale Coming Soon!

The CSPA will be holding their spring Used Uniform Sale on May 1st – 3rd, 2018 in the Music Room, located in the Primary building. Once more, your donations are needed to make this sale a success!  Please only send uniforms that are in good condition. No stains, rips, holes or discolouration. Kindly drop off

Bloom, Evelyn

Evelyn Bloom grew up in prewar Montreal, enjoying life near “her beautiful mountain”, while at the same time seeing the harsh realities of the Great depression.  When the war came, she and her sister decided to enlist.  They understood that Canada was under assault, and stories of U-Boats in the Gulf of St. Lawrence only

Holiday Concert Reminders

Holiday Concert next Wednesday, December 13th at 7pm Toronto Centre for the Arts Reminders: Please remember to bring instruments and music books on MONDAY(Dec.11), TUESDAY(Dec. 12) and  WEDNESDAY(Dec. 13)  for all grade 4,5,6’s. We are walking to Lawrence Park Community Church for our dress rehearsals on Monday and Tuesday mornings. Please dress for the weather

Holiday Concert Communication

Wednesday, December 13, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. Toronto Centre for the  Arts 5040 Yonge St./North York Blvd.   Dear Parents, Crestwood School’s Grades 4-6 Music Program, along with the Primary and Junior  Choirs, would like to invite you to attend the Holiday Concert which will be held on Wednesday, December 13th, 2017 at 7:00 p.m.

Used Uniform Sale

Thank you to all parents who have donated gently used uniforms so far. We still have time to collect more before the Used Uniform Sale coming up on October 17-19th. Please drop off any donations at the school this week. The donation boxes are located in the foyer by the school office, underneath the canopy drop-off area at the

CSPA Meeting Minutes – Sept 12, 2017

CSPA Meeting Minutes   Sept 12, 2017 CSPA Executive Team…President – Melanie Morel…Co-Vice President – Pam Sulpizi Co-Vice President – Renita Greener..Treasure – Maryann Francis.. Secretary – Linda Fata-Glover   Opening A big welcome and thank you from Melanie Morel. Introductions of the CSPA team made. CSPA focus is to enhance our students learning environment through

Used Uniform Donations

Dear Crestwood Parents, The CSPA is looking for “gently used” uniform clothing donations for the sale coming up October 17-19th. If you have anything to donate that is in good condition (no holes or stains etc..), please drop the items off in one of the donation bins. The bins are located in the foyer area by

Dwyer, Liam

We met Liam Dwyer at the Castle Peak Retirement Suites in Bracebridge, where he presently lives.  Liam is one of several authors/editors who assembled At Your Age, a collection of stories of those who live there.  The residents felt it was important for them to record their stories, which serve as a great entry point into

Spring Concert Preparation

Dear parents, Please take a moment to read over these simple instructions in preparation for next week’s Spring Concert. Reminders for students: Please remember to bring instruments and music books on Monday (if you have class), TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY for all grade 4,5 and 6’s. We are walking to Lawrence Park Community Church for our dress rehearsals on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. Please dress for the

Gorman, Digger

“Digger” Gorman served in the Canadian Navy during the Second World War.  Originally from New Brunswick, the future geology student – that’s where the name “Digger” came from – Digger was deep in his studies when the war approached.  As a science/engineering student, Digger’s enlistment was originally deferred, but like many in his generation, he

Watt, Janet

Janet Watt was one of so many women who entered the armed forces during the Second World War.  Janet chose to go in the navy, and she became one of the WRENs.  As Janet entered the services at the end of the war, her time in the military was limited, though her experiences are very

A View from the Crosswalk

I am one of the few teachers who that have the pleasure of starting some of my days on our crosswalk greeting our students and starting their day with a smile. Along with getting to share some morning cheer, I get to begin the day with one of the most important activities we are entrusted with as teachers; ensuring the health and

Hunter, Gordon

Gordon Hunter is from north Toronto, a graduate of Lawrence Park, where he finished his diploma at the midpoint of the war.  It was at that time that he was made aware of his military options, and Gordon opted for the RCAF.  He went into an extended period of training, where he settled on being

Student Safety at Drop Off and Pick-Up

The safety of Crestwood students is always the most important consideration at school.  With that in mind, Crestwood staff would like to remind you of the routines and rules surrounding the drop off and pick-up of your children. Before school: * All students should be dropped off at the atrium if they are arriving at school before 8:20

News from Ms. Hektor

Grade 6 students and parents who would like to find out more about Grade 7 Roots at Crestwood Lower School, please join us at Lower Crestwood on Thursday, October 22 at 7:00 pm in the gym.  There you will have an opportunity to learn about our Grade 7 Intermediate Roots programme, and the opportunities available to our Grade 7