A Message from your PrinciPALs…

  Today, writing our final summer message, we are zoom fatigued, but ecstatic and proud.  As educators, and parents, our primary focus has been keeping children healthy, safe and engaged. What a journey this term has been for every human on our planet.   We’re so proud of our entire Crestwood community – our faculty and

Last Day Blues

All of the Grade 3’s came together on the last day of school to celebrate with an ice cream party.  There were popsicles, ice cream cones, sundaes, and lots and lots of toppings on our screens.  We read the story Last Day Blues by Julie Danneberg and shared all of things that we will miss about Grade

Happily Ever After!

  Once upon a time, there were two Grade One classes – Grade 1A and Grade 1B. The beginning of the school year felt like, “Once upon a time,” when they started on the very first day in September and entered their magical kingdoms.  As time went by, they were transported into the Zoom Room

Grade 6 ZOOMlympics

  The Olympic motto, Faster, Higher, Stronger, motivated and inspired our Grade 6 Olympians during Wednesday morning’s grade-wide Zoom competition.  Divided into ten mixed-class teams, students strived for Faster in the rather comical “How many items of clothing can you put on in two minutes?” contest. (Twelve hats CAN be worn upon one head, it

My Future’s So Bright 

The Grade 3 students have had a fantastic year learning and working together. We are so proud of all the students and how quickly they adapted to our new learning environment. Over the past few weeks, we have participated in many different hands-on activities and experiments together. Nothing could stop us from having fun in

Uniforms, Instruments and Library Books

  Dear parents, Please be sure to return any school athletic uniforms as well as library books that you may have at home. If you are a grade 6 students or are not returning to Crestwood in September please be sure to return your musical instrument. Thank you for your cooperation. –Bafaro, Brenzel & Davies

The End of Another Year

Dear Parents, As we come to the end of another school year (albeit a “different” year for the past three months), I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your support. The countless numbers of emails that I and individual teachers have received in which so many of you expressed your

Twinkle Twinkle

We hope you enjoy this 3-part Twinkle Twinkle performed by Crestwood’s Gr. 4 students AJ, Ryan, Bonolo, Alexis, and Blake! – Mrs. Birchard and Mrs. Davies

Cardboard Carnival

The students of 6D and 6E put their families’ extra cardboard boxes to great use this week as they created arcade-style games and attractions for our (virtual) edition of the annual Cardboard Carnival. We began this activity by watching a short film called Caine’s Arcade, about a young boy named Caine who turns his father’s

Just Around the Corner

  It’s almost time to cast your votes! The candidates for House Head next year have been working hard to perfect their speeches for you, so they can pass along the information they feel is important for you to know about them before you vote! By now hopefully you’ve had a chance to check out

Mixing with Maurer

  Dear Parents and Students, Thank you to everyone that participated in 4D/E’s Cooking with Ms Maurer this week. A huge thank you to the parents and siblings who joined us too! For our final Cooking with Ms Maurer, participants made delicious pizzas and s’mores for dessert. A great time was had by all of us! It was loads of

The Water Lily Pond

  2A and 2B recently learned all about the famous artist, Claude Monet, about his life and about his incredible paintings. The children enjoyed learning about one of his paintings called ‘The Water Lily Pond’ which was created in 1899. This work is exquisite in its composition of background trees, weeping willows, and the bridge, which underwent

Artists of the Week

  Congratulations to Ari Gutnik, TJ Brooks and Anika Yang: our Artists’ of the Week! I hope you enjoy their versatile creative work! Artists of the Week Ari Gutnik My name is Ari Gutnik. I am 10 years old. I love to do art. It brings my imagination to life. Sometimes I am not sure what to create,

SK Zoomation

  We are so excited to host our annual Senior Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony. It will take place Friday June 19th at 9am in our Zoom Room. Can you guess who this Crestwood Alumni is?  We will give you a hint. She started Crestwood in JK and finished in grade 12 at Crestwood’s Upper School. She

House Head Elections Coming Soon!

  Next year’s House Head candidates aren’t going to let a little thing like not being in person at school get in the way of our normal elections! Behind the scenes they have been working to bring you a digital election for the ages! After applying for the job, they got right to work creating

A Message From Your PrinciPALs…

  “Fill Up” with Mrs. Fuller  This week we focused on creating our own happy place with images, words, photographs, or drawings. Students shared where their “happy place” would be, and explored how they can recreate that space. We took inspiration from Ellen Schwartz and tried to “memorize the moment” with all our senses, so

Nutritious Treats with Maurer

Dear Parents and Students, Thanks to all of you who participated in 4D/E’s Cooking with Ms Maurer this week. A huge thank you to the parents and siblings who joined us too! A great time was had by all of us! It was loads of fun!!! I hope you and your families enjoyed the energy

Dig Deep For Some Edible, Dirt-Loving FUN!

  This week 3B and 3C learned all about the importance of soil. Soil is so much more than what’s under our grass. Each layer of earth is defined by its own “horizon”. These horizons run parallel to the ground and serve up distinct characteristics that aid the layers above and below. When a vertical section

SKA Exploring Animals

  SKA took a virtual field trip to the farm. Peter N. steered the way through the hay fields on his tractor. We saw pigs, horses and sheep and learned about the different types of farm eggs! We had so much fun and we can’t wait to go to the Zoo next week! – Carolyn

Gr.4 Gods

  This week in Grade 4 we each took a turn teaching the class about a God from Ancient Greece. We worked hard to put together our own informative slideshow on each of the Gods and presented these to the class. – Aimee Solski  

3A Sock Puppet Show

The students in 3A have been learning about dialogue and quotation marks.  We put this skill into practice by writing and performing mini puppet shows.  We found old socks and “bits-and-bots” like yarn, buttons, stickers, markers, paper, and other craft supplies.  Each student named their sock puppet and created a conversation between themselves and their cute little

Salad in a Jar

  Dear Parents and Students, Thanks to all of you who participated in 4D/E’s Cooking with Ms. Maurer this week. A huge thank you to the parents and siblings who joined us too! A great time was had by all of us! It was loads of fun!!! I hope your salad in a jar was

A message from your PrinciPALs…

  “Fill Up” with Mrs. Fuller  This week we focused on having mindful moments and accepting the “present”. Using mindful breathing and our 5 senses, we practiced catching our whole selves in a mindful moment. Students were challenged to capture their own mindful moment this coming week, and try to illustrate it with words and

A Starry Night in Gr 2

This week, 2A and 2B learned all about Vincent Van Gogh and his paintings. The children learned about how he famously only sold one painting while he was alive, but now his paintings are worth millions! More specifically, the children learned about one of his paintings called ‘Starry Night’. The children explored how he used

Puppet Masters

  Hi all, The Grade 4 and 5s are learning the art of puppetry by creating and animating their own. We are enjoying the process and are happy to introduce our characters to you! –Anya Romanenko  

Artist of the Month – Annie Gao

  Hi everyone! You all know of our Artist of the Month tradition at Crestwood. With not too much time remaining, I am introducing an Artist of the Week. Every week, I will choose a new artist to showcase in the Crestwood Newsletter. Those interested in participating, working hard, being creative and most IMPORTANTLY, send me your art!

Returning Musical Instruments

Dear Parents and Students in Grades 5 and 6 , We are nearing the end of another school year and it is time to have students who are NOT returning to Crestwood School to return their rented musical instruments to the school. If your child is in Grade 6, or in Grade 5 and not returning to Crestwood,

House Point Scavenger Hunt

  Hey Everyone! Are you looking for a way to get outside; have fun, enjoy the nice warm weather and earn some House Points at the same time?? You can join in on our neighbourhood House Point Scavenger Hunt! All you have to do is use our scavenger hunt list to find as many items

Calling All Future House Heads

  Are you in Grade 4 or 5? Do you want to be a leader? Do you like fun and adventure? Do you have lots of spirit and ready to get people energized and involved? Are you organized and able to work independently and as part of a team? If you answered yes to those