Monday | February 27, 2017

Welcome to Crestwood!

We are delighted that your search for the right school has brought you to our web-site. Few decisions that you make regarding your child’s future will have such far-reaching effects as the choice of where to attend school.

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Welcome to Crestwood

“We make sure students have many significant moments on their journey through Crestwood. We give children the confidence to go out into the world with assurance and a healthy sense of curiosity. Each teacher is the key. With a well planned program, a positive rapport with each student and a sense of commitment and dedication, our goals are met!”
Dalia Eisen
Director of the Lower School

Crestwood News

Only You Can Beat You

The truth is that you are really talented, smart, hard working, and strong. You just aren’t consistent. That’s because you beat yourself up mentally at times.  Or maybe, occasionally you just mentally check out. Either way, when you lose in sports, it is not because your opponent beat you. It was really because you beat yourself Read more…

Parents’ Association News

New Presidents Elected The Parents’ Association is happy to announce the election of our new Presidential team, Shannon Nevison and Heather Balter.  Both Heather and Shannon have volunteered in different capacities and made significant contributions to support our school community during their time at Crestwood. They will provide excellent leadership to the P.A. Congratulations to Read more…

The Crestwood Technology Centre

Crestwood uses technology as a catalyst for learning. Our academic community constantly strives to incorporate cutting edge technologies, such as our interactive Nelson “eLearning” books, SMARTboards and video editing labs. Our “Cloud” space allows teachers to continue a classroom conversation long after the classroom has emptied. These tools and philosophy create a learning environment that enhances the most important factor in any educational setting – the relationship between teacher and student.

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Admission News

Crestwood School is still accepting applications for the 2016-17 school year. Please contact Dalia Eisen (Director of the Lower School) 416-444-5858 regarding availability.