Samuels, Joe

Joe Samuels was born December 31, 1930 in Baghdad, Iraq:  he was actually uncertain of his birthday but knew that he was born during Hanukkah and upon his emigration to Israel he chose the December 31 date – to coincide with an international celebration!  Joe grew up in a Baghdad that he remembers as multicultural

Alkhaykanee, Khitam

Khitam Alkhaykanee was born in Baghdad, Iraq on September 22, 1980, the same day that the Iran-Iraq War started. Growing up in a time of war, she would use that experience to foster peace, later emigrating to the United States and starting up an NGO, the Global Jothoor Foundation.  Khitam grew up normally, attending school

Pfeifer, Howard

Howard Pfeifer was born September 22, 1923 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  He grew up there against the backdrop of the Great Depression, so as a teenger he worked many jobs, delivering newspapers, pumping gas, and so on.  When the war came, a cousin of Howard’s told him about the merchant marine; Howard liked what he heard,

Extracurricular Clubs

The following clubs are up and running at Crestwood.  Clubs are a great way for kids to get to know others, as well as build skills that enrich their academic curriculum, build life skills, and improve resume experiences.  Please see below for information on clubs;   Kids Lit Quiz team – Grade 7 (some 8’s)

White, Rod

Rod White was born in Trenton, Ontario in 1925. Rod’s father died when he was only four, and some of his early memories are of his mother struggling to raise her seven children in difficult economic times. Rod was a sickly child, suffering from bouts of tuberculosis and jaundice; combined with wearing glasses from an

Winter Athletic Tryouts

Winter athletic tryouts begin next week, please see schedule below for tryout dates and times. U14 (Grade 7-8) Teams U14 Boys D1 Basketball – Mr. John Woldue Tryout #1 – Mon. Nov. 4 – 7:00-8:00am Tryout #2 – Thurs. Nov. 7 – 3:30-4:30pm U14 Boys DIII Basketball – Mr. Mark Pagano Tryout #1 – Fri.

Math & CS Award Winners

Congratulations to our CPC students for receiving the following math and computer science awards! Canadian Computing Contest Winners: Junior Contest: Miranda Su, Ken Wu Senior Contest: Alex Wang, Mark Zhao       American Math Contest: AMC 10: 3rd – Charles Jian 2nd – Snow Ren 1st – Aries Wang AMC 12: 3rd – Alex

YPI Project Earns $5000 for Charity

This past month, Grade 10 students in the Careers course participated in the YPI competition. YPI otherwise known as Youth Philanthropy Initiative is an interactive highschool program that encourages students to actively create social change in their communities. Students were put into groups where they chose a local grassroot charity to research. With this, each

Fan, Meng

Meng Fan was born in 1926 in Sumatra, Dutch East Indies, which now is Indonesia. Later he moved to Hong Kong.  When war came, Hong Kong had to support in war efforts. However, Hong Kong was lacking resources such as food. Meng Fan volunteered to join the army. He started with training and was barely

Grade 11 Debate Championships

Congratulations to Grade 11 debaters: Cindy Wang, Miranda Miao, Georgia Gardner and Maggie Ma for taking part in the Crestwood Grade 11 Debate Championship! The resolution was “be it resolved that Sovereignty is an outdated concept”. It was a closely contested debate with strong arguments on both sides, but ultimately Cindy and Miranda’s government won

Cohen, Norman

Norman Cohen was born in the east end of Toronto in 1923.  Growing up Jewish in the Beach neighbourhood, Norman dealt with the anti-Semitism of the era, as well as the economic pressures that led him to quit school at age 16.  Norman found work around the neighbourhood, and he fondly remembered working for Charlie’s

Gondek, Zbigniew

Zbigniew Gondek served in the Polish Army during World War Two.  Born in Szemysyl in 1923, he and his family found themselves in the Soviet Zone of occupation after the 1939 Nazi Soviet Pact.  Zbigniew’s father, a police officer, was murdered, and Zbigniew and his mother were transported to Siberia, where they ended up in a

Shafai, Roshan

Roshan Shafai was born in Tehran, Iran, on September 21 1964. She was the daughter of Habib Shafai and Noshin Shafai, who in the next 2 years would have 2 sons, making her the eldest child and the only daughter in the family. Her father worked with the Shah’s government and her mother stayed at

University of Toronto Model United Nations Assembly

Last week eight Crestwood Preparatory College students braved the cold weather and attended the University of Toronto Model United Nations Assembly. Representing Israel, Sweden, and Iran, and the slaves and ruling classes of ancient Rome, Crestwood students put their diplomatic skills on display, resolving crises and building consensus. The eight intrepid students were Cassie and

U9 Soccer Champions

At the Grade 3 soccer tournament on Friday, the U9 soccer team celebrated a first place victory, bringing home the trophy for Crestwood School. Throughout the day, our team just kept getting better, defeating Crescent with a score of 2-1, Bayview Glen 4-1, and finally Sterling Hall 5-0. Our three wins at the tournament were

Human Rights and Tolerance Symposium

On Tuesday, November 20th, Crestwood Preparatory College held a Human Rights and Tolerance Symposium for over 200 students from seven Toronto area schools. Organized by Scott Masters and the History Department, the symposium provided an opportunity for students to engage in learning opportunities beyond their regular classroom instruction. Seventeen speakers participated in the event touching

Nemat, Marina

Marina Nemat was born in 1965 in Tehran, Iran. At the age of 16, she was arrested on false charges and spent more than two years in the infamous Evin prison, in Tehran, where she, along with many of her friends, was tortured. She was condemned to die, but survived because one of the Revolutionary

Lustgarten, Michael

Michael Lustgarten was able to get out of Poland as the Nazi onslaught began in 1939. He made his way to Russia, where he was on the move, sought by both German and later Soviet authorities. His travels eventually took him to a Soviet work camp and later to Kazakstan and then finally on to