Traffic Safety, Used Uniform and a BIG Thank You!

The Crestwood School Parents’ Association is only as effective as its volunteers and we have been extremely lucky to have met many great people over the past few years. Maryann, Pam and Melanie would like to specifically thank Linda Fata-Glover and Renita Greener for their extraordinary contributions as members of the CSPA 2016/2017/2018.  We were

Fun Fair Raffle

FINAL REMINDER!!!! THE CLOCK IS TICKING!!!!!!  PLEASE SEND IN YOUR RAFFLE TICKETS!!!  Don’t miss your opportunity to participate! Tickets are only $25 each, sell the booklet of four and you will be eligible for the free year’s tuition raffle draw for Crestwood School.  Silent Auction for Blue Jays Executive Box starts at 3:30pm. Bidding ends

Raffle Reminder

REMINDER!!!!  SEND IN YOUR RAFFLE TICKETS!!! Don’t miss your opportunity to participate! Tickets are only $25 each, sell the booklet of four and you will be eligible for the free year’s tuition raffle draw for Crestwood School. Questions?  Please contact Luanne Pearlman at or Debbie Ng-Perkell at  Tickets are due back on Monday,

Race is on for Fun Fair Raffle!!

Dear Parents, We would like to thank the following families and organizations for their generous donations towards our fun fair raffle: Adud family: Furniture from Arrow Furniture  Dr. Jordan Bender-Aurora Periodontal Centre: Sonicare Electric Toothbrush 
  Goldstein Family: Kitchen Aid Immersion Blender 
  Neil Lu & Family: Gift cards from LCBO & Toys R Us

DeSimone, Raffaella

Raffaella DeSimone was born in Italy in 1943, in the midst of the Second World War.  As her parents were farmers, and there was no work, the family relocated to France, and then to Canada.  The family arrived in Halifax, at Pier 21, and they began to adapt to their new country, reaching out to family


“The international media have come and gone. The satellite is gone. The journalists are gone. The headlines have changed. But the situation hasn’t. Please don’t forget about Dadaab. Don’t forget about the thousands of children dying each day. Continue to tell the stories of the people you met here in Kenya. Continue to let people

Bozek, John

John Bozek was born August 16, 1924 in Detroit, Michigan.  His parents had emigrated from Poland at the turn-of-the-century, and John was the youngest in a family of four siblings.  He grew up against the backdrop of the Great Depression, but John remembers that his father always had a job, and that the family even

Wright, Ben

Ben Wright was born on July 25, 1946, and he was raised in Texas’s Big Bend country, where he and his siblings grew up in 1950s America.  Ben graduated high school in 1964, as American involvement in Vietnam was beginning to escalate.  Knowing the draft board would soon be after him, Ben opted for the

Atkinson, Ken

Ken Atkinson was born April 18, 1925 in Sunderland, England.  His father was a veteran of the Great War who enrolled his son in the Air Cadet Corps between the two wars, and Ken’s father remained part of the Home Guard once the Second World War began, watching the skies for signs of the Luftwaffe. 

Colhoun, Jack

Jack Colhoun was born in Philadelphia on February 9, 1945, but moved to upstate New York when he was quite young, growing up mainly in the small town of Sacket’s Harbor and experiencing 1950s small town America.  He saw the beginning of the tumultuous changes of the 60s, events which would challenge America – and

Freeman, Bradford

Bradford Freeman was born in Mississippi on September 4, 1924.  He grew up on a farm, where the family was insulated from the worst effects of the Great Depression.  Brad remembers being at a neighbor’s house when the news about Pearl Harbor broke; he ran home to find his mother crying.  Still in high school,

Spiridigliozzi, Marc

Mark Spiridigliozzi was born May 11, 1948 in Altoona, Pennsylvania.  He grew up in a large family, in a largely rural area, and he remembers well the largely idyllic days of his boyhood, which he experienced against the backdrop of the 1950s-60s postwar boom.  His father was a member of the WW2 US Army National

From the Headmaster’s Desk

Dear Parents and Friends of CPC: If one stands too close to a fire, he or she will get burned. If one keeps bad company, he/she will one day have to explain to authorities what it is they didn’t do. If one stands in the middle of hi-way traffic….You can see where I’m going with

Cameron-Kelly, Mary

Mary Cameron-Kelly was born January 5, 1962 in North Sydney, in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.  Her father had served in the CAF during the Korean War, and she made the decision to enlist herself after she completed high school.  Her air force career began when she became an airframe technician, and at this time Mary

Crestwood Tech Lions

Crestwood’s FIRST Tech Challenge competition team is once again in full swing. This year, the team got together to design & program a robot using aircraft grade aluminum U-channels & Java programming to solve a series of missions that are logistical & supply chain related. With the remote competition just around the corner, all team

Dodds, Richard

Richard Dodds was born November 22, 1925 in Toronto, Ontario.  He grew up in the city’s west end, where he attended Humber Park Public School and later Humberside Collegiate, where he played sports in all seasons.  His father raised horses – racing was popular in interwar Toronto – so the family was insulated from the

Watson, Earl

Earl Watson was born April 15, 1930 in Brantford, Ontario.  The family relocated to Owen Sound during the Depression, as Earl’s father found work as a welder.  Earl’s childhood was typical; he went to school and more importantly enjoyed his time with friends, playing baseball and whatever else.  Earl was too young for the Second

Dvorchak, Bob

Robert Dvorchak was born December 24, 1949, and he grew up on a farm in Appalachia, the third of nine children.  He was an excellent student, and was able to win an academic scholarship to attend university, at which he also took a job writing for the local paper.  It was a tumultuous time, and