Eco Warriors Invade the ROM

For all the hard work done by the Eco Team this year, Crestwood School treated them to a morning at the ROM. The team has been hauling recycling and meeting at lunch times to discuss and plan a greener school all year long. We thought this warranted a reward. On May 1st, Mme. Martin, Ms.

Big Battery Blitz Successful

Crestwood continues to strive in order to raise environmental awareness throughout our school. One of our many initiatives is the battery recycling program. Although we did not win, the 25 Kg of batteries we collected contributed to a whopping total of 5000 Kg of batteries collected as a result of the Earth Rangers’ Battery Blitz. Every bit counts,

Eco Warriors

The Eco Team has been working very hard! After inviting the Earth Rangers to come to the school, the kids took on the responsibility of the Battery Blitz. Alkaline batteries are prone to leaking potassium hydroxide, an agent that can cause respiratory, eye, and skin irritation. Plus, batteries not properly disposed of can be a fire

Battery Blitz

Bonjour Crestwood!! It was so awesome to see the Earth Rangers and the unique animals they brought in to meet us. The Earth Rangers told me how proud they are of Crestwood for joining the battery recycling competition. Remember, we are competing against other Toronto schools to collect the most batteries to be recycled. If

Eco Warriors

The Eco Team never ceases to impress. They continue to haul recycling out to the parking lot on Wednesdays and Fridays, and now they come to Madame Martin’s room every Monday and Tuesday at lunch for meetings. For these dedicated environmentalists, once a week was not enough to discuss important environmental issues and brainstorm on

Crestwood’s Eco-Team

Crestwood’s Eco-Team has been hard at work making sure the recycling is emptied regularly. The students of the Eco Team give up their lunch and often recess to make sure Crestwood remains a school that recycles. A big thanks to all the volunteers who help Madame Martin each Wednesday and Friday. Rain, snow, or shine,

Turn Down the Heat – Turn Up in Your Sweaters!

On February 6th we will be recognizing National Sweater Day. On this day our Crestwood community, and all Canadians, are asked to “turn down their heat and turn up in their sweaters in the name of energy conservation”. Our school buildings will be a little chillier, so don’t forget your sweaters! Go Green with the

Eco Action Team Update

We have reached our first goal of $20,000 in savings. We are also Top of Ontario in $ Savings Ontario is too small for us. Let’s go for Canada #1. We need $70,000. Please join the Crestwood EcoAction Team and help us be Canada #1. To join us visit. Create an account and then choose

Eco-Action Update

After two weeks, the EcoTeam have already reached nearly $15,000. in ecosavings. Our team is currently in the top 5 of Ontario in three categories!!!. Please join the Crestwood EcoAction Team and help us reach the $20,000 goal. Let’s help Crestwood being one of the top Eco Organizations in Canada. To join us visit

Eco-Action Contest

As you might know, Sunday April 22nd is Earth Day. Every year Earth Day Canada and Eco Action Teams organize a year round contest. The aim of the contest is for every team to help reduce your environmental impact. We have created a team at Crestwood, and would like you to help us achieve the

The Green Team’s “No-Idling” Initiative

At Crestwood, the Green Team is committed to helping the environment. One of our biggest initiatives is our “no-idling” campaign. We are asking all parents to shut-off their car engine while they are dropping their kids off in the morning and waiting in the parking lot to pick them up. Green team members are working

Crestwood School Eco Team

The Crestwood School Eco Team started in March 2006 with 6 eager students. Today we have over 100 Eco Team members! The students work all year long inspiring their peers, teachers and parents to tread lightly on our earth. We are proud to announce that as of June 2011 Crestwood is now a Gold Certified