CPC Nurse Updates (June 11th)

Toronto Public Health and its partners are starting to vaccinate individuals 12+ in various postal codes. You must have received your first dose at least 21 days after the second dose. Although the school’s postal code is not included in these pop ups, many other postal codes within Toronto are listed and may apply to

CPC Used Book Sale

Unfortunately, the regular Parent Book Exchange and the Textbook Buyback session with Alpha Textbooks have been cancelled once again this year due to the current COVID-19 situation. In order to assist parents with the resale and purchase of textbooks, there are now two possibilities.  Alpha Textbooks – You may download the return instructions and forms provided


  I would like to say a big thank you to all my Art Committee members. There was no Art Committee this year, but it played an integral role over the years. The students that took part spent a lot of time in the art room painting sets, creating costumes and making school plays so


  Dear Parents, As we complete our last FULL week of the 2020/2021 school year, we can’t believe this crazy year is coming to an end. Teachers are busy preparing for our final week together, and we are excited to end the year with lots of fun activities, and some very special events, including our

Edible Soil?

  In 3A, we learned that Soil is so much more than what’s under our grass. Each layer of earth is defined by its own “horizon”. These horizons run parallel to the ground and serve up distinct characteristics that aid the layers above and below. When a vertical section of these many horizons is taken,

Used Uniform Donations

If you have gently used, clean uniform pieces to donate, please contact Maria at Mariaelisabethsmith@me.com to arrange for pick up or drop off. Your donation will help other Crestwood families and support the Crestwood community.

JK-5 Friday Pickup/Dropoff Info

  Dear Parents, Please note that online classes will end at lunch time on Thursday, June 17, so that teachers can spend Thursday afternoon at school packing up students’ belongings and be prepared for Friday, June 18 drop off and pick up. For those of you with multiple children, the youngest sibling’s items will be

Getting In Touch With Nature Art

3A learned about Andy Goldsworthy. Andy was born on July 26, 1956 and he lives in Scotland. He creates sculptures in nature using things such as: brightly-colored flowers, icicles, leaves, mud, pinecones, snow, stone, twigs, and thorns. We were inspired to create our own pieces of art in nature. Take a look at the amazing

June is National Indigenous History Month

June is National Indigenous History Month – a time for all Canadians to think about and learn about the history, cultures, and contributions of the First Nations, Inuit and Metis people.  It is a time for us to remind ourselves that Reconciliation is an ongoing process.  We were recently reminded that this process is far

Budding Artists

  The Grade 2 budding artists have had the opportunity to draw and colour these amazing Water Lilies and Japanese Bridge artworks representing two of Claude Monet’s greatest achievements: his gardens at Giverny and the series of paintings they inspired. In 1883 the artist moved to this country town, near Paris but just across the border of Normandy,

Guidance News (June 4)

OUAC: Admission Information Service (AIS) Starting today, June 4, 2021, Ontario high school students can use the AIS (on the ouac website) to find programs that are still open at Ontario universities To begin your search, visit http://www.ouac.on.ca/ouac-101 and click: “SEARCH OPEN PROGRAMS“ Once you find an open program of interest, add it to your 101 application

Evolve 2021: Developing Elite Level Leadership

The Believe Initiative, founded by Olympian Sarah Wells, was created to empower high school students across North America to believe in themselves and become resilient leaders through project-based initiatives. To date, the Believe Initiative has impacted over 120,000 youth and has helped students initiate over 10,000 community impact projects! This summer, they are hosting a


  Dear Parents Needless to say, hearing the news this past week about not being able to return to school for the remainder of the school year was devastating! That being said, we are a strong community and we will continue to put our best effort forward and complete the 2020/2021 strong.    In the Primary

Busy as Beavers

  The Grade Ones have been as “busy as beavers” exploring the animal world. Through reading, writing, art, and discussions they shared what they already knew yet enjoyed learning even more. We have to commend our Grade Ones on completing and presenting their very first research projects!  Way to go, Grade Ones!! Sarah Spiegel & Esther Alter

CPC Graduation Photo Sessions

Graduation is a special occasion that all parents want to capture with photos to celebrate the milestone. Unfortunately with the current Covid restrictions, we will not be able to hold a traditional ceremony and at this point, there are many regulations for our planned drive-in event that will prevent you from taking these photos. In

Online Continues and Graduation Confusion

Dear Parents, Guardians, Teachers and Students of Crestwood Preparatory College: I hope this communication finds you all well. We have had little respite from uncertainty in all quarters for many months. More uncertainty was communicated today, largely the offspring of continuing debates regarding online and in-person schooling. Another Covid school year end only adds pressure

CPC Graduation Signs

Dear Parents, Guardians, Teachers and Students of Crestwood Preparatory College: As a small token of our appreciation for your son’s and daughter’s graduation from CPC, please be advised that lawn graduation signs will be delivered over the next two days.  Congratulations to all our families. As we all know, graduation day, and graduation signs, are

On the Wild Side! 

  Welcome to SKB’s jungle filled with a streak of TIGERS. We had a ROARING good week learning about zoo animals!   Question: How does SKB describe their awesome tiger hats?   Answer: Absolutely Purr-fect!  

Mmmm!!!! C’est délicieux!!!!!!

The grade six students have been busy cooking some amazing treats during French class.  We have enjoyed sharing different recipes with each other and explaining the process in French.  Hopefully we can try a few new recipes to share with our families!!! Bon appétit!!! Linda Liougas

Art Room Rumblings

  This month we have been busy working under the influence of Leonardo da Vinci’s scientific drawings. We have been studying nature and discovering all sorts of wondrous plants! Some poisonous ones, world’s biggest ones and all the naturally useful plants that surround us daily. Here are some of our botanical illustrations. Anya Romanenko

CPC Oral History Project – Anne Eidltz

On May 27, 1942 Belgian Jews were forced to wear the yellow star, signalling what would be an ominous change in the tone of the Nazi occupation of their country. One of the Belgian Jews who had to endure this was Anne Eidltz. She was born in 1936, just before the war started. She was born

Comedy Central with SKB

There is nothing better than telling jokes after a successful chicken art lesson!!   Q:  Why did the chicken cross the road? A:  Because CRESTWOOD SCHOOL was on the other side!   Q:  Why did the chicken cross the Crestwood playground? A:  To get to the other slide!   Q:  Why did the chicken join the Crestwood band? A: 

The Beautiful Butterfly

  The JK’s are learning all about the Life Cycle of the Butterfly! They started as little tiny caterpillar’s Then they grew and they grew Now they are cozy inside their Chrysalises in their special Butterfly house We can’t wait to see what happens next!   RIP Eric Carle Melodie Young & Ros Sandler    


  Dear Parents, What a strange weather week it has been! From hot summer weather to November slushy rain – we’ve seen it all this week! We hope you have all found some time this week to get outside and get active. Thanks again for your support of our Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser. We

CPC’s Students Receive Certificate of Distinction in Math

In April, several grade 11 and 12 Crestwood students participated in the Euclid Math Contest.  The following students received an award of distinction for placing in the top 25% of all contestants: Alex Chen (1st) Danny He (1st) Casper Yang (2nd) Sophia Gu (3rd) Vera Wang Tony Wu Shaan Lin Aries Wang Robert Muresan Amy