Empowering Your Family

  Thanks again to all of our Crestwood families and educators who were able to view last week’s webinar with Michael Eisen of Youth Wellness Network about the importance of self-care and open family communication. The attached guide, Empowering Your Family and Decreasing Stress, outlines the practical strategies and approaches featured in the webinar. Youth

The Power of Pink

  This coming Wednesday (February 26th, 2020) we will be recognizing Pink Shirt Day! In addition to working throughout the year to be the best we can be, Pink Shirt Day gives us the chance to shine a bright light on how much bullying still occurs and to remind everyone to do their part to help end Bullying worldwide!

The Power of Water!

The Grade 2 classes had a fantastic day at the Kortright Centre on Wednesday, 15th May! They had the opportunity to examine air and water in the natural environment. Students developed an appreciation of the size and power of the water cycle; the importance of water in our lives and the environment; and the value

CPC Overpowers CDS

Hockey After a two week hiatus, the Varsity Hockey team played their last road game of the regular season when they took on first place CDS.  The team did not disappoint, jumping out to a quick 3-0 lead with some great saves by Alexa Gibson in net and a natural hat trick by Christian Campanelli. 


All Crestwood students took part in a powerful presentation led by our Grade 4 classes this past Wednesday. Relevant speakers, skits, slides, songs and even a fashion show held the attention of a packed Atrium, consistently delivering the message that each and every ONE of us has a part to play in making our school,

The Power of Pink

Dear Parents, A few weeks ago, Crestwood students took part in an assembly during which they saw a performance, “The Power of One”, in which actors presented skits to vividly portray what bullying is, what can be done about it and how every child has “The Power of One”….. the power to report and deal

Power Hour

Over the last couple of weeks, the Grade 7 weekly “Power Hour” has focused on philanthropy.  “To ease another’s heartache is to forget one’s own.”  – Abraham Lincoln We discussed children throughout the world who are less fortunate than we are, and what we could do to alleviate their struggles.  We chose to undertake an endeavour to provide

Power and Politics

On Thursday, Grade five and six had a special guest speaker pay a visit to Crestwood School as part of their Social Studies units.  Grade Five is currently studying Aspects of Canadian Government and Grade Six are focusing on the Canadian experience. Jennifer Blitzer is a lawyer who has worked for the Provincial Government including

Measuring with Mittens

  The JK boys and girls have had such fun talking about winter in ZOOM School. We…. did an experiment to make fake snow with a powder and a liquid melted snow made ice played with ice measured with mittens made paper snowflakes made snowmen with plasticine and even had a penguin day – we called

What’s the Matter?

The grade 5 classes enjoyed a virtual Scientist in the School this week. They explored states of matter and physical and chemical changes through experimentation. They especially loved creating a chemical change using red cabbage powder, vitamin C, baking soda, epsom salts and water! The students had a wonderful time and really showed off their

Did you know…

  Tigers love water because it helps them cool down when they are hot. Max, R Sharks have fins and they use them to break tiny pieces of coral. Cosimo  Frogs have webbed feet to swim really fast in water. Aaron  The black mamba can grow up to 2.97 meters long.  Sebastian The polar bear

Project Give Back

  Grade 4 students were excited to have their first Project Give Back Session this week.  Project Give Back is an exceptional program, which empowers students to research a charity of their choosing. Students then teach their peers about their charity through fun and engaging presentations and activities.  We would like to give a special thank

Goldstein, Ronald

Ron Goldstein was born August 16, 1923 , in London, England.  His parents, looking to escape the anti-Semitism and lack of opportunity, had immigrated to England from Poland in the years before the Great War.  They went on to raise a large family, and Ron was the 10th in a family of 11.  Ron left

Race, Equity, and Inclusion

Everyone at Crestwood Preparatory College are working together to eradicate racism, discrimination, and inequality.  Together, staff have compiled a booklist and a Self-Assessment tool. Self assessment tool:  Race Equity & Inclusion (2) (1) Anti-Racism Reading List ( Looking for something to read this summer? Take a look at these titles!) Fiction: For Juniors For Seniors

A Message From Your PrinciPALs…

  “Fill Up” with Mrs. Fuller  This week we focused on creating our own happy place with images, words, photographs, or drawings. Students shared where their “happy place” would be, and explored how they can recreate that space. We took inspiration from Ellen Schwartz and tried to “memorize the moment” with all our senses, so

A Message from your PrinciPALs…

“Fill Up” with Mrs. Fuller  KINDNESS = HAPPINESS – This week, the Grade 3-6 classes practiced complimenting ourselves and others. Owning your own positive qualities is an important skill to feeling confident, grateful and happy. We also discussed how saying or doing something kind for others, helps us fill our own buckets. Students have been

Youth & Philanthropy Initiative

Since returning from March Break, the Grade 10 Careers’ students have been working hard on their YPI (Youth & Philanthropy Initiative, https://www.goypi.org/) projects. This is an opportunity for students to learn about the numerous community charities in the GTA. Students pick one of these community based charities, complete research on it, and then make a presentation

Cooking Class with Chef Amar

4B is excited to participate in another Chef Amar cooking class this Friday at 2:45pm. Last week, we made delicious “no bake” chocolate chip oat balls. This Friday, students will be making a healthy, but tasty avocado chocolate pudding with only 5 easy ingredients. Don’t miss out on this fun class! Anyone is welcome to join.

YWN – April 15th @7PM

At 7pm on Wednesday, April 15, 2020, Crestwood School welcomes Michael Eisen, founder of the Youth Wellness Network. (Just a coincidence; he isn’t related to Ms. Eisen!) Youth Wellness Network (YWN) is an organization that partners with schools, community groups, and families to promote mental health, resilience, and well-being.  All parents are invited to join

Spirit Week 2020

The halls of Crestwood were filled with Spirit this week!! Five days of themed grub days and staff versus student challenges made for a fun and lively week at Crestwood. Whether playing basketball, soccer, volleyball or floor hockey the competition between teachers and students was alive and well. The students also took on their teachers

Sports Roundup (Jan. 17)

This week Evan Prosserman a grade 9 student competed in the National Skating Championships held in Mississauga.  Evan skated in the Young Man’s division in both the Short Program and the Free Skate.  Evan came 12th overall in the Nation.  We are very proud of Evan and wish him continued success.   Click to view:  https://photos.app.goo.gl/AX5oufToCaQt8e1a6

Sports Roundup (Dec. 19)

On December 16th, the Junior Girls Volleyball team played their first game of the season against Bayview Glen. The girls started off strong with an amazing first set score of 25-12, dominating over the opposing team with stellar teamwork and powerful serves. After stumbling with points lost in the second set, the girls pushed through.

The Magic of Magnets

  The SK children learned all about Magnet Magic! We explored how magnets like to push and pull. The students investigated what magnets are attracted to and whether magnetic forces can work through different materials. The SK children used the power of magnets to search for sandbox treasures, build structures, and catch a fish to

Marchand-Lafortune, D.M.

Diem Marchand-Lafortune is a powerful Plains Cree Horizon-Dancer and Jewish Renaissance woman who describes herself as “Crewish”. Years of work on legal issues related to forced relinquishments of newborns and their disappearance into the system via an inhumane adoption industry came to fruition with the release of Senator Eggleton’s report: This Shame is Ours Canada. She

Human Rights Symposium

On November 19th, Crestwood Preparatory College hosted “Towards Reconciliation 2”, our second human rights symposium devoted to indigenous issues. Over 400 students attended, with guests coming to Crestwood from many GTA independent schools. The day began with Ojibwe Anishinaabe kokum Kim Wheatley, who offered a prayer for a successful day of learning for all participants.

Guidance News (Oct. 10th)

Volunteer Toronto: Youth Expo https://www.eventbrite.com/e/volunteer-toronto-youth-expo-2019-tickets-70681816215   On Saturday November 9th, Toronto’s high school students are invited to attend the Youth Expo at Roy Thompson Hall from 1-4pm. They will have a chance to chat with over 100 non-profit organizations looking specifically to recruit youth volunteers. Their goal is to help make the process fun and easy

Post-Secondary Presentations at Crestwood:

Representatives from post-secondary institutions will visit Crestwood throughout the fall to give presentations about their schools. These visits are an incredible opportunity for students to learn more about what each school offers. Although not mandatory, it is very important for grade 11 and 12s to attend these sessions and ask questions. Please see below for

Parent Presentation September 5th

CRACKING THE TEENAGE CODE – CREATING CONSCIOUS COMMUNICATION IN THE FAMILY  Please join us on September 5th, 2019 for a parent workshop on communicating with your teen.  This workshop will take place in the Learning Common’s from 5:30-6:30pm before curriculum night begins at 7:00pm. In this presentation, we share tools and strategies on how to

Gerrard, Gerry

Gerry Gerrard was in the reserve artillery as of 1938. The day before the war broke out, he was called up and reported to the colonel, who told Gerry he needed a dozen men to go to Victoria.  Since Gerry waswas 17, he didn’t have to go, but he went anyway.  In Victoria, he joined