Thursday | May 28, 2020

Cooking with Ms Maurer

Yesterday students from 4E put on their chef hats for cooking with Ms Maurer!  The students had an amazing time preparing pizza.  Students made a variety of artisan pizzas, including Pizza ai Funghi! A special thank you to all of the parents that participated and helped our students with prepping the ingredients and using the

Live to Read to Live

  I hope the students are enjoying our remote library classes!  It’s great to see everyone’s eager faces as I read stories, suggest follow up activities and listen to book suggestions from the children. Please check Edsby to see the amazing links I’ve posted that relate to the books that I’m sharing on an ongoing basis. Here are

Grade 9-11 Math Contest Results

Great job!!  Have a look at how the Grade 9 to Grade 11 students did on the Math Contests. Click the link to see the Grade 9 – 11 Math Contest Results:

ATTENTION: Grade 12 Students

Once you have accepted your post-secondary offer, please take a moment to send your counsellor a note that includes the following information about your school: ➤ School: ➤ Program: ➤ Offer Conditions: ➤ Scholarship Name: ➤ Scholarship Amount: For example … ➤ School: Huron, Western University ➤ Program: Management and Organizational Studies (BMOS) ➤ Offer

Summer School 2020

Crestwood Preparatory College is pleased to offer a number of Ontario high school credit courses conveniently located in Toronto. Classes will run from June 22, 2020, to July 17, 2020. Given the current situation with COVID -19, we are looking at three options and at this point in time.  Unfortunately, we are unable to commit to which method we would be using

Gr.1 Explore Animal Habitats

  This week Grade 1A and Grade 1B travelled to many far and wide habitats to explore and study different animal groups. After learning how to develop a research project, they were invited to bring their animal friends to class (a special shout out to AP) for a special presentation. What an interesting morning we

Gr.2 Paper Towel Experiment

2A and 2B have been working hard on their Air and Water Unit in Science. This week, the children investigated what will happen when a paper towel is placed at the bottom of a glass and that glass is submerged upside down, under water. The children first gave their educated predictions and then watched the experiment unfold.

DIY Music Makers

  Creative hands are still hard at fun-work making rainsticks. We also introduced the pan flute. Click HERE if you’d like to give it a go, and check out these great tune-makers below. –Amanda Birchard

Live Tech Support with Mr. David

Live Tech Support with Mr. David Starting on Thursday, May 14th and every Thursday until June 11th, from 3p until 4p, Mr. David will be hosting a live Zoom meeting for any Crestwood family that has tech questions. Mr. David will be happy to answer any and all questions regarding technology.  To register for any of the

Clubs, Hot Lunch, Trips. etc.

Dear Crestwood Families, I forgot to mention in my last communication to you that Grace is in the process of figuring out how much each family is to be reimbursed for clubs, hot lunch, field trips and the Grade 6 camp trip.  Please be patient as this process takes time. Once I get the information

Drive for Daily Bread Food Bank

  Hello Crestwood, We hope that you and your families are all doing well and finding ways to stay happy and active while at home. We are all facing new and difficult challenges right now, but we recognise that there are people around the city and the country who are having an even more difficult

JK-SK Obstacle Course

  Take the challenge of our Kindergarten Obstacle Course! Crawl under tables. Climb over ottomans. Children need to jump/somersault/crawl/crab walk from one obstacle to another. Put down pillows or couch cushions and the kids need to jump from one to the next. Alternatively, the kids  need to jump over the pillows or cushions! Perform various

Spring Virtual Festival of the Arts

Dear Crestwood Community: The Festival of the Arts evenings is an amazing way to celebrate Crestwood Art, Music, Drama, and Technology by showcasing CPC student’s abilities as we transform our hallways into a display of talent and creativity. Arts never sleeps, therefore we have decided to take on the initiative to take the Festival of

Meet the Teacher: Alix Doherty

Meet the Teacher:  Alix Doherty Subject:  French Grades:   7 & 12 Mme. Doherty grew up in France. Her husband is Irish and they have 2 sons.  Her older son, Cillian, is a kindergarten teacher and an album cover designer.  Her younger son, Cathal, is doing his masters in biology and his research is in the

Space Based STEM

Over the last week or so, students of 6C showed creativity and innovation when they tackled Space-themed STEM challenges using materials found in their homes. Some students used marshmallows to recreate constellations while others used oreos to model the phases of the moon. It was a tasty way to learn about our night sky! Others

Zooming in SKB

  Kindergarten learned about the life cycle of a robin!  We also enjoyed individual zoom meetings this week.  We asked SKB, “What is your favourite part of the ZOOM ROOM?”  We LOVE the answers! Raina loves dancing and drawing in the ZOOM ROOM! Simon loves getting everybody together in the ZOOM ROOM! Martin loves Show & Tell in

There’s No Debate. Gr.4 Loves Debating!

Over the past few weeks of online learning, the grade 4 classes have been honing their debating skills! Each week during our unit on persuasive writing we have had a debate, with motions as diverse as ‘Every school should wear a uniform’ and ‘It is good to be famous’. The students have had the task

Crestwood Supports Daily Bread Food Bank

  Hello Crestwood,  We hope that you and your families are all doing well and finding ways to stay happy and active while at home. We are all facing new and difficult challenges right now, but we recognise that there are people around the city and the country who are having an even more difficult

Youth & Philanthropy Initiative

Since returning from March Break, the Grade 10 Careers’ students have been working hard on their YPI (Youth & Philanthropy Initiative, projects. This is an opportunity for students to learn about the numerous community charities in the GTA. Students pick one of these community based charities, complete research on it, and then make a presentation

Cardboard Carnival

  For their weekly STEM challenge, 4 A, B, and C were invited to design and build games for a Cardboard Carnival. The students got creative and built some wonderful and challenging games. Their families then had the added treat of playing these games. –Katie Maalouf

Results of CPC’s 2019 Terry Fox School Run

More than ever, good news is something to celebrate and treasure and do we ever have some for you!  We are thrilled to share the results of our 2019 Terry Fox School Run campaign and celebrate Crestwood as a top fundraising school in Ontario.  It is because of our community’s dedication and compassion that we are able to

Congratulations to Jadaia Reid (’20)

Jadaia Reid is the fourth member of the 2020 graduating class to receive an athletic scholarship to an NCAA institution for this coming fall.  Jadaia will be heading off to the University of Delaware to play for the Fightin’ Blue Hens!  The 2020 class is very special because this is the first full graduating class since

Let’s Thank Our Frontline Workers

Let’s Thank Our Frontline Workers, Volunteers Wanted Toronto Frontline workers are putting in endless hours to help deal with the Covid-19 pandemic and we want to say thank you.  Crestwood will be delivering lunch to hospital staff at Sunnybrook Hospital and Baycrest Hospital.  We are looking for students who would like to volunteer some time

A Message from your PrinciPALS

Crestwood Zoom School Updates: “Fill Up” with Mrs. Fuller has continued in Grades 3-6 classes. We focused on the idea of “keeping our buckets full”, by using self check-ins as a means to help us figure out what our bodies and hearts need. We brainstormed some of the things that have been tricky these last

Filling the House with Music

Students continue to impress with full drum kits and rainsticks! Check out this VIDEO if you’re interested in making your own rainstick. If only we could take the show on the road! –Amanda Birchard

Back in Time

  Today, the Grade 3’s stepped back in time and role-played what it would be like to be an Early Settler in Upper Canada in the 1800’s. The students were encouraged to dress up and to participate in some nineteenth century learning.  Our first activity had us drawing log cabins.  In our second activity, we

Art Room Rumblings

All students are really taking time to create and put in amazing effort in their art work! Grade three students have been inspired this week by a Montreal artist @thefineblackpen who shared her work with us as a part of her isolation art initiative. All of the completed “House” pieces will be sent back to the

14 Hour Fort

The Martin’s Family took you up on your challenge and built what we thought was an amazing and comfortable fort.  So comfortable, we decided to challenge ourselves to spend 14 hours inside it.  We planned for this with snacks, games and books.  I’m happy to report we all survived as did the fort.  Thanks for

Happy Birthday Peter!

SKA had a fun activity this week in our Zoom Room. We celebrated Peter’s 6th birthday. All of our boys made birthday cards and displayed them for our friend. – Christina Teixeria & Carolyn Haywood

Grade 2 Local Food Scavenger Hunt

  This week 2A and 2B learned all about the importance of eating locally. The children learned about how local food is fresher, has more nutrients and is better for the environment. The students were tasked with going on a ‘Local Food Scavenger Hunt’ in their own homes. The Grade 2’s found a variety of local